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How far into the fall can one reasonably hope to catch fish in the surf? I'm sure it varies year to year with the weather, but in general what is the norm?


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i'm curious about NJ or cape may county specifically. Is there some kind of restriction that prevents bait from being sold other than in tackle shops? in other states you can get all kinds of bait everywhere; supermarkets, 7-11s, gas stations, all local convenience shops, but this doesn't seem to be the case here. Is there a reason?

Hey I think you will have a great time. I'm not much help with most of the questions, but I know you'll want to get a surf rod and reel for fishing from the beach/inlet. The fresh water set up won't cut it. Hope you have a good vacation.


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I come here a couple of times a year. fished in nearby Avalon this morning off the jetty. Using squid I got a bunch of skate :( and an undersized striped bass (26 inches). It was cold but good times.