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Dan, Ray et al - Forgot to follow upon visit few weeks back. Thanks for advice on boat access. Got in w/no problem and got out with my truck and boat turned inside out by NJ Fish and Wildlife. As former PA State Trooper myself I can appreciate the 'random' searches. We were left in good terms with NJ's finest Wildlife folks. Other light vessel searches while I was in vicinity turned up many illegal catches (especially boat before ours on ramp) - little suprised since wildlife was never my law enforcement typical contraband, but then again nothing suprises me anymore. Most illegals were short flounders. NJ made some $ that day. For all those who read this and consider taking out-of-season or undersized fish species, think twice please for your pocket and "our" survival of future sport fishing. Keep the seas and future generations interest thriving!!! Just my $2C worth...

Anyway, we as well caught many shorts in main Cape May Bay (that's about all I knew to nav) in early June, most between 14-16" and one 17.5" (close). All released. Other than looking like a tomato at end of day we enjoyed our trip. Tides along shorlines and in between jetties and wrecks produced nothng but dogfish, skates and one unidentified super-skinny (yet long) fish w/strange nose/snout...? Found some sod banks but boat traffic was nuts. Will explore more in future to find less traffic areas when have less impatient hook-setting boat mates.

I may make trip again this Monday (6 Jul), depending how I feel just having my 3 of 4 wisdom teeth removed today (should have listened to US Army Doc reg preventative geriatric denistry 16 years back - my fauly, oh well). I read on of your recent posts this evening on some inshore tuna and shark. Having not done this before but once off guided trip many, many years back, I'm curious if you wouldn't mind either online or off you can give me little more insight on best way to approach, if possible with my 20' V (150HP) and range about 50 miles safe roundtrip on fair water? I'm lacking any oceanic maps but perhaps a GPS coordinate, if you have one or two not-so-secret spots would help. Look forward to hearing from either of you - as fallback we'd troll for blues but if I remember correctly, most are snapper sized right now. Plan C is to work beach at Alexander bobbin'.

As always, your guidance is appreciated in advance. It's great you gentelmen take the time to answer us "out-of-towners" given your busy season guided trips but many of us are happy to help the local economy where we can. One day I'll leave my boat and home and schedule trip with one of Cape May's best as I hear. All my best and safe to all on the water! vr/Bryan...


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Thank you sir! I'll be there this Saturday...vr/BKG


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Thanks Dan...is it free or fee ramp? Appreciate it...r/B-


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Hello everyone! Been a while since I've cruised this great site. I'm from outside Philly area but have been fishing making the trip to Cape May for fishing every month for past 15 years or so. All that time, been fishing from jetti or shore and never scoped out any ramps. Now that I've upgraded my boat (20' V/150HP) to handle saltwater conditions, I'm planning all my trips now to fish from the boat. Will be coming up 2-3 times in June with family - are there any free ramps to launch in CM, or any others that require fee recommended? Plan to launch early (0600 or so) on every trip. Any advice in advance is greatly appreciated. vr/Bryan-