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beware of traffic on turnover day (sat 2pm).  it bottlenecks so be prepared.  bring all your provisions especially dry goods.  shop in no cape may acme (better selection and not as expensive as the one in town).  make dinner reservations before you leave as restaurants get booked right away especially on sat when people get in town and get settled.


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for cocolore -  fairly quiet late october.  days are short but if you get great weather it can be very nice.  as a quasi local the holloween parade in cape may is a hoot.  sitting on the beach with jackets i find is relaxing.  birding as they call it is good and the butterflies will be migrating at that time but if you're not in to it can be a bit boring.  overall it is peaceful around town and that might be the nicest feature.  restaurants should still be open on the weekend but expect some to not be.  oh, the rent should be off season rates.


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Based on Price
best low end - mangia mangia
best mid price - a ca mia (giant salads recommend 2 share 1)
best high end - peter shields

best early bird - (tied)  black duck, merion inn it is served before 5:30 and after 8:30

best local rest.
atkinsons - court house
mangiatta - villas
vincenzos - no. cape may

best take away - lobster house and eat on the back deck

the best time of year is september.  school is back in session and the weather is still summerlike.  on the flip side it does get very very quiet in cape may in the winter.  jan and feb are the worst since most restaurants are closed and like florida just retirees basically.  the nearest mall is 45 minutes away.  but in season and on the cusp the place is wonderful.

September is the absolute nicest time of year to visit.  Crowds are gone and the weather is usually fabulous.  Do the same things as in summer.  If visiting in cooler weather it is birding, butterfly sighting and enjoying peaceful quite surroundings with candlelit dinners.

Did you know that the Abbey was for sale?  if I remember correctly the prize was in the area of 5 mil.  I know it was for sale last year so you may have dealt with the new owners.  I'm sorry you had a bad experience.  BB's are rather pricey, especially in CM so I can understand if one has a higher expectation because I do whenever I "pay up".


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Go grocery shopping @ the ACME in North Cape May.  It's a bigger store with better selection and prices.  Remember to bring your ACME discount card.  The ACME in Cape May is small and prices are higher hoping you won't know where else to shop.