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Just dropping in to see how the fishing is going. Ray have a friend might be interested in going with you this week if you have room. Im coming down fri-sun gonna fish from sure seeing how the fishing is.


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Did not get to do alot of fishing was so windy


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Hi Im coming down on vacation 9/28 to 10/4 wanted to touch base to see what will be on the bite and what to use and where any help would be appreciated I want to be prepaed have small kids that really wanna see some fish. Thanks in advance.

Was sorry to hear that a man drown after jumping off the Whale Watcher on Thursday.



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Im trying the Beach Shack out this year.


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Ray we are getting the trout up here in central PA The green Drake hatch is coming off is insane. Will be down end of september early october to do some striper fishing.

Ray, I also thank you for the advice your suggestions worked on the fishing and I know it made me and my family catch more fish. Thanks


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Did well this week at high tide at the point fishing with mullet rapalas caught alot of stripers not real big ones 2 were over 30 inches. Usee blood worms also not real great caught some weakies with decent size. How's everyone else fairing?


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what about jerk baits?


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Thanks Vinnie you think just like a regular blue fox vibrax spinner would work? rapalas?


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Im coming down to cape may September 29th till October 4th wanted to touch base with you guys to see what's the best method to best fishing right now and also where the best will be. Figured on fishing the Point with clam, blood worms, and cut bait with a bobber around the jetties did not know if you think this will work also what fish will still be around figure the water still should be pretty warm. looks like bad weather on the horizon for down there i was there in the noreaster in the spring was wild. Thanks in advance hope all is well with everyone. How's the fishing been Ray?


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Cape may Point where the lighthosue is to sunset beach out on the jettys is good. Lots on hotels and condos beach houses in the close range of fishing. Poverty beach on the main drag of beach avenue is good as well. You do not need a fishing permit it is free to fish in the ocean without a boat. Catches could be Sand Sharks, Fluke, Striped Bass, Ocean Herring, Flounder, Crabs lol etc. Is fun to fish in the ocean never know what you will ctach. Good places to stay La Mer Beach Front Inn, The Montreal, Summer Station, The Jetty, Grand Hotel. Have fun Im a Wild Brown Trout Fisherman from PA if I can catch fish in the ocean anyone can. Cape May Ray can lead you in the right direction to catch fish he is the seasoned pro.

I figured they were sand sharks

I saw 2 guys when i was down few weeks ago were both about 3-4 ft size they said they were sand sharks

Nice Dan just curious on what you were using for bait and method you were fishing. Im learning looking for some knowledge lol

I might have to do that. i just want to get into some fish next time maybe I will look you up Ill be down last week of september


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I might have to look you up when im down in the end of September Ray.

Always hear people say bull sharks are close to shore feeding in the ocean a guy i talked to when i was down said a guy from Atlantic City said he saw one in the back inlet somewhere up there.


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i saw a guy using this rig with a bobber also. Can you use live clams with this rig or do you have to put the pyramid shaped sinker on the bottom and put the bait above it

Just wondered what the biggest shark was ever caught from shore you know of in New Jersey.

Thanks for the advice. Ocean fishing was a good test way different then i had ever fished. I should of got live bait used some jig heads with plastic bait trailor and some bucktails all i caught was 2 crabs lol. Saw a guy catch a nice shark on live clam on poverty. I also saw a fguy using a bobber with a blood worm by the jetties. I will be back down in late september I will for sure be more prepared this time to fish. Im going to use some live bait with a bobber by the jetties next time. thanks good luck fishing will post back later closer to when i come to see how the fishing is.

I was going to use a regular spinning rod shimano 4000 reel and 8 ft ugly stick rod was wanting to fish was something a little more action like a spinner, rapala, spoon, or plug. would like to fish most at cape may point. Any suggestions on using lures like that or would live bait blood worms, or some other live bait. Thanks Ray

Thanks... I will stop by a tackle shop. i have never fished in the ocean I am from PA I only trout fish for native trout here in streams am looking forward to the change and challenge...

Im coming down to cape may the 11th- 18th wanna know what baits lures to use to get some fish in the surf. What's the best places to go and can i use rapalas or spoons? Also can you fish down by the wwII bunker over by the lighhouse? thanks..


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The Grand Hotel of Cape may would no doubt be able to room alot of people for you.