Thanks.  I fished the north and south jettys many years ago (1970's) and had much more success on the north than the south.  I have not fished there for quite some time, but have fished north of the jetty at sunset beach.  I had success there last year but not early last month so I have been elsewhere.  I heard about the problems at Higbee but fortunately never experienced directly.  I'll try the pipe this weekend.  Thanks again.

LadMike ... When you say 30-50 feet below the pipe, do you mean 30-50 on the south side of the pipe??

Ray ... What is the latest on surf fishing conditions at Sunset Beach, CM Point, etc.  I read a couple of posts on another site and people were saying their are fish there at high tide (croakers, small weaks, blues, some keeper flounder) but that was a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks.

Thanks for the reply.

Wondering what the local laws are for fishing both of these areas from the surf and jettys.  I thought I read somewhere that the point is closed to surf fishing between 10AM-5PM is this correct?  Assuming beach tags after 5PM not required?  Also, what is the story with sunset beach at the sunken ship ... asume the same as the point?