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Went down to Poverty beach on Saturday.  Not much happening.  There were a lot of people fishing but no one landing anything as far as I could tell.  We caught a few small Blues and 1 small Striper.  I think the water is still too warm off the surf.  There were a few people standing in it bare-foot with shorts.  Still had fun though. 

I think we'll keep an eye on this forum as well as the ocean temp and when it dips into the low to mid 50s we'll give it another shot.  Perhaps sometime in November.

BTW, we were told that Mullet was in the surf so that's what we used.  Also tried poppers for a while.

Good luck to all.


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Totally enjoyed our stay in CM last month.  Caught lots of small Kingfish with Fish-Bites on Poverty Beach.  Fun with light tackle, the whole family had a blast.

Just my wife and I want to head down for the Striper action off the surf, so I'd like to ask the following questions:

- Would Poverty Beach be a good location for Stripers?  If not, how about the concrete ship at the point?
- Thinking about the first weekend in Oct.  How is that for timing?  If not good please suggest.
- What do Stripers feed on?  What should we be using for bait?
- Do surf-casters (at that time of year) typically use boots/waders, shorts and bare foot or not enter the water at all?

Thanks much!


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Can anyone let me know where Poverty Beach is?  I hear it's a good place to bring the family to fish and has available near-by parking.

Thanks much!


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Use to spend a lot of time fishing the 2nd street jetty and the surf between there and the lighthouse.  The last time I was there, about 4 years ago, my daughter and I set up on that stretch of beach (way past the lifeguards and swimmers) but we were approached by a NJ Game and Wildlife official and told we could not fish there because it was designated as a protected area. 

Next week we are going down for the first time since that happened  and I wanted to know if anything has changed.  Is that indeed a "protected" area or can we fish there as we used to do for many, many years.  I like that spot because you can fish and still be within walking distance of the rest of your family.  If fishing is prohibited in that spot can you recommend another location where family can be close. 

Thanks much.