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I am getting married on the beach in Cape May, in June 2007 and I am having a tough time finding an officiant. Any suggestions? Ideally we would like to be married by a priest, but I am not sure if that is even an option. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciatted.[/quote]
I know a woman that does any kind of ceremony you like, she does a real neat sand ceremony, insted of candles you use sand. she has  web site that I can't think of right now but she can be reached @ 609-965-2067, her name is Linda.


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[quote=Lizevans]I am getting married in the summer of 2007 and want it to be located in cape may. I have donemy research and even booked some walk-thru but the best advice is from those who have already done the ceremony/reception in cape may. Please let me know or give some advice if you could. I thank you so much for taking the time!!

I know of a lady that will perform any kind of ceremony you need, she is very good and does a beach sand ceremony that is really neat. She can be reached @ 609-965-2067