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You replied to a post I made and you mentioned about deep water fluke fishing.  This is something I might be interested in when I am down there.  Please post some info for me or email me.  I think you can email through this sight, but if not let me know and i will give it to you.  Thanks  Dan


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CapeMayRay your information is appreciated.


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My wife and I are going on vacation to wildwood the weekend after July 4th and I am looking for someplace to fish.  She is a beach person while I on the other hand am not into baking like a cookie, so I decided to try to locate somewhere to fish.  We are coming from Pa and I have some things for fishing there but not all.  I have rented a boat in Ocean City NJ and fished some backwater and very much enjoyed it in the past.  That would be my first choice to do but I am opened to any suggestions anyone would give.  I would like to fish for flounder but will take any bite.  I would be very much willing to swap any info I have about PA fishing if anyone is interested.  My knowledge is mainly on stream trout or Susquahanna River smallmouth.  The river is about 25 minutes from me.  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks  Dan