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Dan, e-mail sent via CMT web site!


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November and December are prime time.  We fish every day, year round if possible.  We offer private and open charters for up to six people.  Striper fishing in the rips is our specialty, and would be more than happy to have you guys aboard!


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Hello Dan!

Productive areas to fish and at the same time swim are tough to find.  One such area is on the bay side of Cape May just North of the Cape May Ferry Terminal.  The fishing leaves something to be desired, and the swimming isn't near the quality of the ocean.  However, for just lounging in the sun it is quite nice as the crowds are much lighter than those on the ocean.

For fishing, a great option is to jump on an open charter.  This alleviates the cost of chartering a boat on your own, and opens up some fantastic fishing opportunities.  At the time of year you're coming down, deepwater fluke(flounder) fishing is in high gear.  We offer full day, 8hr open boats to the deepwater fluke spots for $110 per person, and this includes all gear, rods, reels, bait, tackle, and ice.  It can't be beat and you get to fish on a charter boat with a small group.  Just a thought!