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i know we are getting close. Cape May can be great for NYE. The restaurants are open for the most part. There are several parties around. Sounds like you should think about the Boiler Room in Congress Hall. Obviously, the locals dominate this time of year,  but you will findeveryone fun. ENJOY!!

If you read this, Cape May Ray is the real expert. My suggestions are to check with Jim's Bait & Tackle when you get to town as to the most current action. He is on the right as you enter town from the parkway, just over the bridge. he can set you up as well. Nice guys there.


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I heard the boats were doing OK. Primarily shorts. I was off of a couple of banks over the weekend and did enough to keep busy. All shorts. I'll be down this weekend and be out again.


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yes, many are open. It is good to begin your plans now, however. We have been spending NYE in CM for about 15 years or so. We've stayed in hotels, not the B&B's. Have you looked into Congress Hall? They have a dinner dance, we've done that twice. Great time. Sorry I don't have a specific recommendation on the B&B.


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Probably the best and easiest thing to do is to visit one of the local bait and tackle shops. If you want to go down to the lighthosue, you'll probably pass Cape May Bait and Tackle. Near the entrance to Cape May is Jim's, across from the Lobster House. I've been to both and they have proven to be very helpful with gear, etc.


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The theater has been in the process of closing for years. It was sold to a company "Franks Theaters". the also purchased the Bayshore 8, on Bayshore Rd. They opened the new theater in Rio Grande, a large modern theater, 8 to 10 shows. The Beach Theater was supposed to be torn down and condos constructed. A local group has been trying to save the theater. It opens periodically for some shows, no set schedule. Cape May made the group a abcde as the first part of saving the theater. (I heard the city called the abcde). To the best of my knowledge, things don't seem to be moving in any direction. I'm sure the economy has impacted everthing. So the exact status today is uncertain.


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I have a couple of suggestions. Try the Jersey Cape Motel. This is just outside of CM, sort of where 109 and 9 meet. Place looks very clean from exterior. Reeves Motel is on 9, probabaly 5 to 10 minutes from Cape May. People I know have recommended it to their friends.  One last place is the West Cape Motel, on Sunset in WCM. If you strike out with these, there are some places in Rio Grande or have you thought about pitching a tent and staying at a campground?


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During that time of the year it will be difficult to stay in Cape May at that price. I would try calling any of the following, the Victorian Motel, the Stockton Inn, the Heritage Motor Lodge or the Periwinkle Inn. Let me know how you make out. There may be other place, but they'll be outside of town.


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Hey Ray, I agree with you. I always patronize the local bait shops. Not only are you helping the small business, but I like the conversation and advice. I've found that just running in for bait often takes a while longer that I thought because the people are always friendly. I've never had a problem with any of them. Just try that with the frozen bait at WalMart. Unfortunately, I noticed that the 7-11 across from the park has a bait machine. I don't know why, with CM Bait and Tackle just down the Sunset a bit.


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I would do it on line. I don't know if the local shops can do it. I printed the page after I was complete and intended to use it as a "temporary" card. The real (reel?) one arrived within a few days.


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Pappy, yes as a saltwater angler you need to regsiter with the National Saltwater Registry. You can do it online at countymyfish.noaa.gov. or 1-888-mrip411. As for next year, states have to set up their our registry. NJ has set it up, and there will be no fee for next year. As for the future? who knows?

Has anyone heard of any action along the beach or bay? I'll be heading into town this weekend and was hoping to wet a line for a while.

The best source of info is Cape May Ray. You should also try to look back at post from last year for some additional information.  Keep in mind that as the water gets to warm, this fishing slows down. What time of day were you going? What tackle shop did you go to? (Jim's as you enter Cape May, is very popular) Early morning and evening are best (low light, cooler) If you want to charter a boat, again, Cape May Ray is very highly thought of on this forum.


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Places to eat? There are some wonderful places, everyoen has their favorites. I saw your fishing post and I'll respond to that as well, but given your location, I would make the following suggestions:
breakfast/lunch, Bella Vida on Broadway in West Cape May. Excellent breakfast, the coffee is alwys outstanding. They have a multi grain bread that is terrific. There is a crab benedict breakfast which is outstanding. Georges, on Beach Ave in cape May, next to Uncle Bills. I would recommend their Kojack omlette for breakfast. My wife loves their oatmeal with various fruits. She also loves their greek salad for lunch, I enjoy their greek sandiches. Their hummus is the best I've had. This place is cash only.  Another nice lunch is a Blue Pig Tavern, outside. Very good food. A great lunch is on the deck or boat at the Lobster House, seafood is wonderful. Dinner places? High end or budget? Some high end places include Peter Sheilds Inn, Washington Inn or Union Park. My family always discusses which is better.
If you want a great day, try taking the ferry to Delaware for a day of shopping. The ferry ride is an event in itself.  Hva eyou seen a sunset from Higbee Beach? Cehck back for more suggestions.

Hmmmm....that may be difficult in June. Are you considering a mid-week or weekend? Weekends might be near impossible.  Would you consider one of the local hotels? Does it need to be in Cape May? or near by?


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I gave it a shot on New Years Day (Friday). I got out around dawn (obviously not much going on New Years Eve). As it turned out, that was the only day fishing was possible. The water was dirty and the surf was churning. Went off the beach at Alexander Ave. Not another sole in site. I trued using various Gulp products (clams, eels, etc), as the bait shops were closed. I stayed out for a couple of hours with no action.  It was nice to get out and relax. I think I'm finished until spring.


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Hi Ray. I am coming down for several days for the New Year celebration. I agree with you that you catch 'em if you're not out there, so I'll be bringing my rod and reel. Any suggestions on what may be around? any stripers? Would I be better off on the beachfront? or along some of the various banks? or even Sunset Beach? Any thoughts and comments are always appreciated.


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The weather at the end of December? It is winter in the Northeast. It will not be beach weather. I've been going down for the past several NYE's. It is expectedly cold. Last year was very windy. Snow, typically, is not a concern. It is beautiful, low crowds, quiet, peaceful. If you don't mind winter coats, hats, and gloves, it is a great time for a beach walk.


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If you look on capemaytimes.com there are pictures. Basically, the beach is almost gone. The change has been amazing.


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Thanks Ray. I'll give it a shot this weekend!


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I have never fished from there. Is it possible to fish from the beach there? Could it be productive this time of year, maybe some small stripers or blues cruising through? Is there a better time of the year (spring?) for that area? Anyone hear of any surf action?

I went out for about an hour Sunday morning, around dawn. It was insane! When I left, it was windy, but only a small amount of rain. I got to the beach, I tried to go off of Alexander Ave in the Point, terrible. Absolutle nuts. The rain and wind picked up to amazing volumes. I thought I was going to get blown in. After my glasses got blown off twice, I called it a day. I was the only nut I saw, I looked around at different spots.  It has got to get better!

Ten people? Well you can never go wrong with the Lobster House, especially for those interested in seafood. You dind't mention dates, so other places may be closed. What type of atmosphere ($) are you looking for. Weill you be going from birding directly to dinner or change first?


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Ray, do you think this is due to the weather? the water is still very warm, isn't it? Could mean a longer season once things open up. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


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I had an Okuma Avenger and loved it. It was matched with a Tsunami 11 ft rod. The combo worked very well for me. I'd give you model numbers, but the combo was involed in an accident. It was strapped to my roof racks and came loose...on the parkway..and got run over...by trucks. Not a pretty sight.  Very unfortunate.

Anyway, the Okuma set up was great. Cape May Ray would be a good resource as a couple of the local tackle shops..