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I heard the Beach Avenue movie theater in Cape May is closed, and was curious what that was all about?


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Thanks for the recommendations :-), you were a tremendous help. I was able to find something that fits what I was looking for. Thank you very much :-)


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Eh, no luck unfortunately. The reason why I was coming into town during that general timeframe was because there's a martial arts tournament in one of the casinos up in Atlantic City from 22 July 2010 to 24 July 2010, and since I'm signing up to only do forms for about an hour at the end of it, I figured I'd come vacation in the area for a few days so it's actually an enjoyable trip rather than stressed, and be able to enjoy doing a lot more than just spending a few hours in that casino.

Realistically, I'm actually just looking to stay 3, maybe 5 days, and the room can go without even a mini fridge, so long as there's just a bed to sleep on at night. Would you know of any other places that would board just one person with only a bed and bathroom as the necessities? And realistically, it wouldn't matter where the location is so long as it's in Cape May County.


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I'm looking to stay in town for a week, preferably from Friday, July 23, 2010 until Friday, July 30, 2010, just so long as it's weekend to weekend. And I was wondering what a good place to stay at would be? All the room would need is one bed, basic cable, a full bathroom, ideally a kitchenette and preferably under $100 a day (just so long as it's as affordable anyways). Any recommendations?


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The Queen Victoria Inn on Columbia Avenue is usually a good place to stop by as well. One must wonder what the owners of the Abbey B&B have been thinking to continuously be that disrespectful to customers?


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It ought to be this time of year, since it's the offseason :-)


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Oh dear. That was a good movie theater, too. Lots of fond memories. Hope the place reopens in the near future!


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If you're going to live in Cape May, how come you're not bringing the rest of us along with you? :-p


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I was recently looking at movie times posted for locally open movie theaters and noticed that the Beach Avenue movie theater still has info posted from a few months ago on a film festival that was held there a while back and that the theater had been reopened in November 2007 on a 1-year lease to stop the owners from turning it into condominiums. Is the theater still open by chance?


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As exciting as that would be to partake in, I unfortunately do not have access to that magazine since I live on the opposite side of Pennsylvania as from the PA/NJ border :-(. It's nice to hear, though, that such a lovely building is finally reconstructed in its entirety :-).


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I noticed that when I was there over 4th of July, it still wasn't completely finished. Out of curiosity, has there been any progress made since the summer on that lovely building?


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They're probably just trying to cut costs to save a little money. Those kegs the draft beers come in are fairly costly, so they're probably saving a bundle getting the beer in 30-packs.


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Uncle Bill's Pancake House (on Beach Ave.) for breakfast
Ugly Mug Bar & Restaurant at the Washington Street Mall
And that restaurant at the end of Columbia Avenue, about a block down from the Queen Victoria Inn

One place to consider is the Sea Crest Inn on Beach Avenue or the Sea Mist Condominiums.


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The local movie theaters are usually good to visit, as with the local boardwalks for Wildwood and Cape May. Long bike rides all over town, especially at sunrise, can be quite relaxing and nastalgic.


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Usually the local bed and breakfasts shouldn't be any problems. A suggestion would be to look around capemaytimes.com for local places to rent, decide which ones seem most appealing for your needs and give them a call to see if they meet your criteria.


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Potential choices you can consider are the Sea Crest Inn, Marquis De Lafayette, Congress Hall, Virginia Hotel, Montreal Inn, Coachmans Motor Inn or the Port Royal Hotel


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The Sea Crest Inn at the end of Beach Avenue might also be a good choice. They also have a pool, like the choices Dan the Man presented, but just something to consider.


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Poor Richard's Inn on Jackson Street and Queen Victoria Inn on the corner of Columbia Avenue & Ocean Ave. might be good choices to consider.


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There should be some public showers on the boardwalk there, probably in the vicinity of the convention hall (although I can't recall anywhere specific). But depending on whether you're staying at a bed & breakfast, there might be an on-site shower stall there as well, possibly.