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Jackson Mountain Cafe, Uncle Bill's, (Two Mile Landing/Crab House in Wildwood Crest - although we were disappointed to find it closed this summer)


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Does anyone know of a place that might allow a one night stay for Friday, July 4th?  We will be renting a house for a week starting the 5th and we would like to come down the day before to enjoy July 4th in Cape May!

Homestead Realty is very helpful.  Also, just go online to capemay.com or capemaytimes.com and start looking at large house rentals.  Look for a place that you think would fit what you want (size and yard wise) and then start contacting people.  I spent many nights searching online for the perfect house and found it after meeting with 6 owners/realtors that I had contacted from information you'll find on these websites.  Have fun!


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Any suggestions for good but not too pricey caterers for a group of 50?


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"I know a woman that does any kind of ceremony you like, she does a real neat sand ceremony, insted of candles you use sand. she has  web site that I can't think of right now but she can be reached @ 609-965-2067, her name is Linda."

Any chance you remember her website or any other info I could do a search online for her.