Thank I appreciate the help.  I have contacted the the vineyard and am waiting for someone to get back to me.  I also contacted many B&B's and the ones I have spoken to are very expensive-and that is only to rent the space doesn't even include food. 

Has anyone used any of these places, if so what was your impression of it and would your recommended it? How pricey was it?:

The Inn of Cape May-Aleathea's Banquet Menu is used for weddings, it looks like they can customize the menu which is something I want
The Southern Mansion
Renault Winery (not in cape may)
Carmelle: Italian Restaurant at the Doctor's Inn

What I really want is a house to rent...does anyone have a Realtor in Cape May that may help with this? I have had no luck just picking names and calling.


Hi!  I am planning on getting married this September.  We would like to get married on the beach and then find a house/hotel/b&b/garden location to have an outdoor reception.  I don't want a fancy dinner-we want something fun and casual.  We are thinking about having a BBQ, but not just burgers and hot dogs we found a caterer from north jersey that I want to use-I need to find a location before they tell me if they will travel the distance and how much I am looking at. They have awesome menu options, the one we really like has things like Jamaican jerk chicken and lime tilapia (or maybe its mahi).  So i need to find a location to rent that will not force me to use their food or will be able to accommodate us with the food we want and not just what they offer.  If any one has any suggestions or a home with a large yard (or plenty of outside space) you would be willing to rent to a wedding that will have no more than 75 people attending I would really appreciate it!  We are only inviting close friends and family and mostly all of our friends and cousins have children-we are the last of the bunch to get married so the kids will have fun playing outside and dancing (we want to get a dj and if allowed possibly rent one of those bouncy things for kids) so they will want to stay outside and we'll have less to worry about in the house.  We are willing to pay a big deposit to assure any home owners that we will be responsible for damage or excessive wear and tear (i really don't foresee that being an issue though)

Also, if you have any other suggestions I am totally open to them!! I would be happy having it in a park close to the beach so if anyone knows how to go about doing that I would like to hear from you as well. 

Thanks everyone-this is my first post here and i'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here a little better!