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I arranged to meet an old friend from college whom I hadn't seen for years at the Physick Estate Twinings Tea Room a few years ago.  I'd had to go through several phone calls with the Tea Room to make the reservations, so I had told my friend that this place must be really good.  I was embarrassed.  It was perfectly awful, and turned out to be rather expensive, especially considering how awful it was.  I could have done a much better service at home, and have done so every year when she comes down to meet us during our stay in Cape May.

The tea selection was extremely limited as they were out of all but a few very weak herb teas -- though our reservation was in the earlier part of the afternoon.  The service was beyond awful, the seating was ridiculous -- plastic chairs?  in a Victorian tea room? and the food was dismal.  It's not too much to ask to be able to get a beautiful cup of tea with a pretty plateful of some nice little savory and sweet things on it in the afternoon, so we do it every afternoon on the front porch of our rental.


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The Stockton Inn is nice and does not have the two-night minimum, I don't think.  We just booked one night there so we can get an extra day before our rental becomes available.  If you are looking for  a very affordable but adequate place, try the Cape Harbor up the Coast Guard station.  We have stayed there several times for one night only type stays, and it is very comfortable.

We love the Lobster House and never miss a chance to go there, either to eat on the ship or get food from the carryout window.