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Dan the Man -No wasn't me--I did get my girlfriend to drive down to the concrete ship as we came into town on friday--We had stop to pick up a case of red wine from the Cape May Vineyard--We ended up coming in on Broadway so I got her to drive down--Windy and to saw the least choppy.

Have you fished up from the conrete ship-about 20 min walk--Where the stream from the inland lake emptys into the bay-fish out going --great spot if u hav kids--only draw back long walk with the gear--had great luck with my throw net-one cast ,had about  100 small spot and  best part nobody wants to walk that far.


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- -I too will be down in CM Friday--Thursday if I call out sick---PaulK, may I ask what you were using for bait ? I will hav plenty of time to fish since my beloved Jets are out of the playoffs --maybe I should wear all Jets clothes and walk around CM with my girlfriend who has her EAGLES WINTER COAT GLOWING AND LOOK LIKE A REAL LOSER THE JETS ARE !!!!!---GO EAGLES !    PS--What a spanking you Cowboys fans took !

New Guy Here--Going down to Cape May with girlfriend and 13 yr. old daughter upcoming week staring sat. --have buctail jigs -and from what it seems will hav to get mackeral--question that needs a little help is what lures -plugs-artifical minows are working ! There always seems to be a guy who shows up on the beach or jetty with  jus one something or other, and pulls fish out of the water like the days of the old tuna boats ! I jus bought a throw net --it came with a video (very helpful) and plan on using it when I fish down by the POINT-SUNKENSHIP. I have been getting it to open fully-will report bac on this--I also take the two girls in my life out on the evening part boats and it's so much easier for them to fish.