Weather,  Winds, and water have been good and we have had good fishing through the early to mid summer period.   Keeper fuke are still not as plentiful as we would all like but the the smaller ones are providing good action.

Fishing at prime times (early mornings and evenings) bluefish and stripers are providing good action for plug and fly anglers, with the best action around the inlets and beach front. 

If all goes well the good fishing should continued the rest of the year.


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Yes, that is all you need.   It is free and you do not need the National One.   That was set up cause NJ didn't have anything in place in time to start the year.   Good luck fishing


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There is always some fish.  I would do early mornings or early evenings til after dark.    Crowsd are gone and with less sun fish tend to be closer into the surf.    Also another good area to fish is Cape May Point in-between jetties or close to them.   Water drops off a little more close to the beach and is also a good place to use lures, bucktails, or rubber baits.


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Not a bad time to fish,   A little late for all the real big stripers but still should be a good number of fish around.  If you are surf fishing I would go early mornings or sunset as the beaches are less crowded and fishing is generally better then.   The fishing was a bit slow in starting but since the begining of May it has been very good.   I mainly fish for stripers,bluefish, sea herring, fluke and what few weakfish there may be.    Mostly the schoolie size stripers with a keeper here and there but a ton of fun on fly rods or light spinning tackle.   I mainly fosh 4:30 am to 8:30 am or 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.   Cooler, less sun, and better fishing.


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Now that it is May, fishing is getting into high gear.   Stripers, Bluefish, Sea Herring are all hitting flies and plugs for light tackle anglers with the best action around the inlet and beachfront while fishing from a boat.

Along the surf,  Stripers, bluefish and drum are providing good action for anglers using clams or bunker baits.

Boats fishing in Delaware Bay are also getting Stripers, Bluefish and Drum.

With Fluke season opened now, anglers wanting to catch Fluke have found the best action in the back bay areas where the water is warmer.   Squid minnow combinations always work as do bucktails dressed with strip or gulp baits.

The larger charter boats have already started picking up stripers in the uper areas of Delaware Bay on clams.   It is a fairly good run so for now with the cold weather is best done in a larger boat.

I am just about set to put my boat in the water, finishing up the last waxing this week.    Even with the weather getting nicer the water along the surf, inlets and back bays is still pretty cold and we need about 5 more degrees to get the fish active there.

Hope to get the boat in this week and start the first trips next week, searching for the first stripers on flies and plugs.   Usually around the 15 of the month action starts to pick up.


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It is getting warmer and Spring is here.   Most boaters are working hard to get there rigs ready for the water as everyone is coming out of the woodwork.    For the few boats that are in the water, striped bass are being caught up in Delaware Bay using clam.   They are catching up in the wide cove section where the water is shallower and warmer.  The fishing should get better and better as the waters warm and the fish come into the bay area and head up the Delaware River to spawn.

Early April when the bulk of the boats start getting launched the striper fishing should start perking up closer to Cape May and along the beach fronts and the back bay areas.

If you are into freshwater fishing Cape May County has a number of lakes and small ponds where largemouth, pickerel, crappie and sunfish will readly take lures, flies or bait.   Until my boat gets in the water I have been having a great time with the fly.   The freshwater action has been good with some nice size fish being caught.


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Here we are Mid Winter in Cape May.   There is ice on the lagoons and all off us small boaters are staying indoors as we get our fair share of cold weather, snow and winds.   It it a good time for cleaning up fishing gear, tying flys for the new year and reading fishing magazines.   Hope everyone is surving as it will not be too long before spring is here and we start chasing fish again.

Ron, Got a slip for striper season in the lagoon next to the bait shop.   Been fishing mostly in the back bay where the water is cleaner and the fish can see our flies.  Water at the inlet and along the beach has been very brown with all the wind.   Mostly the smaller fish but a lot of fun on fly rods.

October and Novemeber is a good time to fish.  More baitfish around and blues and migrating stripers should be availble.   Right now the water is still very warm and only small bluefish around for the most part.

Most of the sharks you catch are non toothy sand sharks.  Using any type of cut bait or clam you should be able to catch them.   Late afternoon to sunset you should be able to get fluke, croakers or other small fish using a gulp 4 inch swimming mullet on a small jig head, just slowly bouncing it on the bottom while reeling it in slowly.


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I have been using the gulp 4 inch swimming mullet on a very light jig head and they have been working good.  All three colors.  They even work when tails are bitten off as the fish still hit them even with just the stub as long as it moves along the bottom.  The even work with half a stub too.  Crazy

Wow, that is a tough one.   With the charter and fishing industry hurting with fuel prices, a bad economy and fisheries restrictions, overall the industry has been hurting.  Plus it takes a fairly good amount of money to get into the business.   Trying to make a go of it part time is the most difficult.

I myself am retired and do the charter business but it would never provide enough income if I was not retired.  No one in the business does chartering to become rich.


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Plenty of short founder in the back bay, along the beach front but keeper size is far and few between.    There are some keepers around but you have put in the time and weed through a lot of small ones.   Boats fishing the reef  and off shore structures are catching better size ones.


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Have not heard of much as the beaches are loaded with swimmers during the day.  Early morning or evening would be the time to fish.   I have been out in the boat at those times so can't say if there is any activity.


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The last few weeks there has been some decent action along the Cape May beach front.   Stripers, Bluefish and a few drum fish.   Even a 50lb bass caught on clam.   Good time to fish is before Memorial day when beaches will have life guards and you will be limited to fishing early mornings and late afternoons.

Thanks for booking one trip with me with a smaller group than you are asking about.    Most larger charter boats that take up to 6 passengers generally fish the ocean and delaware bay where sea sickness could be a problem for the little ones.   Most do longer trips than the 4 hours, but you could check and see if they do 4 hour trips and see if they will do one in the back bay.


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Saltwater baits are usually bigger or frozen.  Probably take up too much space at the stores you mentioned.   Other places in the state you will find freshwater baits in those kind of stores.   Tackle stores have enough problems trying to compete with the big tackle companies they probably do not need others cutting into their business.


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Pappy, I do not know what state you live in or fish in.   If you have saltwater license in another state you do not need to register as you are already registered with the federal government.

In New Jersey in 2011 there will either be a fee to the federal government or New Jersey might have a saltwater license.   Either of those would meet the requirements we will have to wait and see what happens.


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They are called Korkers.  They are rubber sole that has golf spikes inbedded in the bottoms that strap over your waders or boots.  They help you keep your footing.   You really do not have to walk on the rocks as some of the best fishing is right where the jetties meet the beach and 25 feet out beyound were the waves break.  Most all the tackle shops down here carry some sort of korker.


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Hope you caught some fish.  A neighbor caught a striper at the Point on a swiming plug.   Also yesterday I got my first two fly caught fish around the inlet jetty and had a few fish follow the fly.   It should only get better as the water warms up.


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As of this past weekend I didn't not hear of any real action.    Tonight at a fly fishing meeting hear of some bait and stripers about 25 miles to the north of us.   Usually around the 15 we start to see some reasonable action in the back bays, beach front and at the Point.   I would say give it a try.


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You can drive to Mill Creek which is on the road to Wildwood Crest.  Right as you go over the first little bridge that goes over a creek.  (thats Mill Creek)  You can park on the left hand side and launch right by the bridge.


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Down at Cape May Point and the back bays mid April is usually when we start seeing action.   Best striper fishing is when the stripers start to leave the bay and migrate north.  Late May and June.

July I will be doing striper charters in the back and along the beach front.   Mostly schoolie size bass in July but usually good action on surface or swimming plugs.

You didn't say when you where going to be down.   Time of the year could make a big difference on where and when you would want to fish.