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Cape May is a great place to live.  As far as shore towns go.  We think there is none better.   Year round the city always has activity.   Moved here full time 4 years ago.   Understand the school system is very good and the classroom sizes are small.   It is a friendly place to live.  A little hectic durning the summer tourist season, but it is all part of living at the shore.   You might try to get the PTA at the school, they might have much better information for you.  Talking to people who have kids the same age, they could give the A to Z information first hand.    Hope you enjoy Cape May and find it to be everything you want it to be.


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Living in town, they all look good from the outside.   Have no experience, but have not heard any negitive comments from charters that have stayed in town, at different places.  Hope someone can give you some first hand information.   There are many people who use this site to find accomodations so you shoud get some feed back.   Good luck and enjoy your stay in Cape May


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Good advice from Bluescoot.  North Cape May ACME has it all.   There are also two WaWa Convenience Stores in town.   One down town and one as you come into town.   They have lots of good pick up stuff.   Lunchmeat, coffee, snacks etc.

Fly fishing action has started to become consistent.  Bass are now in the back bay and flats behind Wildwood and Cape May, searching for food in the warmer waters.   There are bass around the Inlet jetties and beachfront and the Sea Herring in the 15 to 17 inch size are providing at times non stop action.   With the warmer weather it is nice to fish without the sweatshirts and foul weather gear.  Can't wait for Shorts weather.


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From the park all the way around to the concrete ship.   Starting soon for the warmer months there is a limit of one fish per day per person.    Should use some heavier gear as the fish will be tight to the rocks and as soon as you hook up the want to run into the structure.   You will loose a lot of rigs.  Good luck.   On light tackle there are lots of other fish you can catch with out losing as many rigs.

Fly fishing has been a bit spotty and you have had to work for the stripers and blues.  We have just come off 4 days of blasting winds.  Got a few schoolies size bass today, up to 23 3/4 inches on 4 1/2 inch Chart/white jiggie flies.   Action will continue to improve.   Would expect this week to start good fly action on the sea herring that hang around our waters.   They are a lot of fun on a fly rod and make great bait for flounder and other species.


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Most jetties will hold fish.  North Inlet Jetty always has good fishing.  It is a lot more difficult fishing from a jetty than a boat cause the fish run into the rocks when hooked.  Green crab and clam bait works great.  Cape May Point has a good number of jetties.   When you give it a shot make sure you have korkers so you don't slip on the rocks and bring a lot of rigs, cause you will lose a lot.   Hope you do well.

There is good fly fishing action all year long.  Mid July best bet is early in the morning, early evening or at night.   Most of the beaches are bathing beaches after 10:00 am. and no fishing is allowed at that time.   There are a few spots at Higbees beach and the ferry jetties where you can fish when beaches closed to fishing during the day.   Most of the stripers are schoolie size, with bigger ones caught here and there.   Should be summer flounder, blues, croakers and small spike weakfish.   I like to use Decievers for the stripers and clousers work great for the weakies and fluke.   Blues hit anything.  Not any super fly fishing stores, but Jims, and Bob Jacksons bait and tackle should have enought to get you by.    Saltwater fish are not that picky.   Chart/white, Chart/yellow, Green/white. are all good colors.   I use lots of different colors and different styles and they all seem to catch fish.   Floating and intermediate line should work well.   Stripping basket is a must if you are fishing of rock jetties or the surf.  It will make life easy.

If kids are not into fly fishing, bait will get fish for them on light spin rods.   Even bobbers with bait work well around the jetties.   There are a number of fly fishermen that fish Cape May and Cape May Point.  Good group of guys and all willing to share fly information.   I even fish the beach and jetties when I don't want to take the boat out and only want to fish for a short time.

Week continued good with more stripers on the fly and the invasion of hungry bluefish in the 4 to 6 lb range that were chasing sea herring up and down the beach front.   With a strong northeaster this weekend, everyone has been pretty much sitting at the dock.   Should be real good fishing from here on in.

Water warmed up enough this week to activate the stripers into chasing flies.   Got our first fish on flies this Monday along with others on Rubber shad bodies.    All small fish from 18 to 26 inches but a lot of fun.   The rest of the week there were more stripers and the bluefish invaded chopping on anything they could find.   Looks like the start good fishing which should last through December.

Been out a couple days working the backbay with flyrod searching for that first striper of the year on the flyrod, but the water is still a little cold in the back.   Water is finally getting in the 50's which will activate the bait and get the stripers feeding.   Bait fishing is just starting to pick up also in the back while the guys in the rips and Delaware bay are having great action catching lots of fish.  Just have to be patient and wait for it to happen.  Should be any day now.

After 3 days of near gale force winds, finally got a nice day to put my flats boat in it's slip for the season.  Had to wait for the weather to warm up a bit to make fishing in a small boat enjoyable.   First Charters are scheduled for around Easter, so I will be out scouting some areas for my Fly fishing and plug clients and getting in some personal fishing before I get real busy.  With every day getting warmer, the fish will be getting more active and our summer species will begin infiltrating our coastal waters making for a super spring and summer.

All my fly fishing freinds at South Jersey Coastal Fly Anglers are also getting excited.  You can only make so many new flies for the season and when a few warm days come the urge to get out and fish is over powering.  Can't wait to get my first fish on the fly for 2006


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Surf and jetty fishing should be good by mid April at Cape May Point and Poverty Beach area.    It would be worth a trip on the Stalker with Skip.  The action has started up and will be getting better every day.  I know he had a good trip today.  He will work hard and put you on some fish.  Hope you have a good stay in Cape May.


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Fishing at Cape May Point is always good.  Surf and jetty areas hold fish.   Early mornings, sunset, and at night.   After memorial day bathers take over during the day and you have to fish at the above times.    Fly fishing, plugs, and bait work well.    When I am not in the boat I fish there a lot myself.   Poverty beach area of Cape May is a good surf spot.

Fish Cake, October is a great time to fish.   Many species and they are all feeding getting ready to move to winter grounds.   Hands, and Jims tackle carry most anything you need and will help you with the proper baits and areas to fish.

Can't go wrong with bait anytime of the year, but fish will hit a variety of artificials.   Just depends on how you like to catch them.
You can fish the beaches during the day once the life guards our done for the season.


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Skip, with you still catching bass, has winter even gotten here yet?  Or is it spring already?


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Skip,  I didn't know if anyone else was out there, so saying a few covered it.  I know you have been having a fantastic winter with the bass.  When I was your age I was a diehard too.   Use to sail in the snow and use my boat as long as there was no ice.  Sometimes think I should get another big boat, but like the little boat too much with the fly fishing.  With no ramps open, it is hard to take advantage of the warm winter.  With a flats boat, I could only do the super nice days.   If they finish the new boat ramp, I might get in a early trip or two.   Hope you keep catching all winter.  It would be nice to put the boat in this spring knowing that there is action right away.


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Normal years it is too cold to fish.  Right now temps are in the lower 40's and guys are still getting a few bass on bait and few boats fishing the rips are getting bass to hit bucktails with plastic worms or tails.

End of March most start fishing with bait and it gets better every week.  May and June are some of the best fishing till the crowds set in and beaches are closed to fishing during the day.


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Yes, the back bay area behind Cape May and the lower part of Wildwood have flats and small creeks that a small boat would work out very well.   Both areas are good for crabbing and fishing.  Many use John boats with small motors.


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This bird identification is alot more difficult than I thought it would be.  Got a pretty good book and it has males, females, winter, summer and young pictures.  Not one looked exactly like what I saw and about three looked close, but not a 100 percent and the birds will not stay in one place all day.

Also wanted to get a good handle on some of the back bay birds.  I take alot of people in the back bay on fishing charters and I know some of the birds and thought it would be nice to be alittle more informative as to what they are etc.


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Like everyone, the last couple of days and no ice in the bay, it is easy to start thinking about going fishing.  Will be awhile before I will see one on the fly.  Boat is on the trailer and ready to go, but  this time of year it is tie flys, cause when the fishing gets hot, I would rather fish than tie.  Can't wait till we are both out on the water getting fish for our charters.


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Not Big into birding, but just put a feeder up in the backyard here in Cape may and got a bird identification book, so we would learn what the different birds were.  Not at the feeder but in the back of the yard I think it was a woodcook or snipe.   It had alot of orange on the abcde area a very long black bill and when you looked at it from the side it had black bars on its side.   When it would sit it was very puffed up.   Any thoughts on what I saw?

I used to run a large offshore charter boat for years out of Cape May and since I took up the flyrod I can't seem to get enough of it.  I still offshore fish with my buddies, but enjoy the beachfront and back bay action, with top water being my favorite.  The fly action doesn't get started down here till sometime in April when the warm spring days warm up the shallow backbays, which draw stripers back to feed.  I now run Tiderunner Charters a small bayboat with an electric bow motor and specialize in flyfishing and light tackle.  When not in the boat I will also work the jetties and beaches.  Some nice fish can be caught there too.  Any other addicted flyfisherman out there?