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You want a light rod. 6 1/2 to 7 feet long should work fine.   I use to like using 10 to 12 lb test line.   With a good reel and drag you should have no problems with most fish you will catch.  You do a lot of casting and with a lot of light weight jigs, plugs or rubber baits.   It makes for easy casting and your arm doesn't feel like it will fall off.

Myself I always use a fly rod anymore.


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mpax,  Fishin doesn't get started till April when the water warms up a bit.   When fishing Cape May Point I like to fish the last two hours of the incoming tide and the first 2 hours of the out going tide, mainly because I like to catch on the fly rod and the water is the cleanest at that time.

Don't over cast the fish as most of the fish I catch are caught from 5 to 75 feet from shore.   Your bait fish hug in close to the shore and that is where you will find the fish.    Also along the jetties is very good with artifical baits or bloodworms on a bobber.

Poverty beach is pretty much from Pittsburg Ave. north along the beach.

The same tides work there as at the point.   The fall was slower than usual but last spring was one of the best in years.   Fishing cut bunker and clams worked the best.    April to June would be the prime time.

Again early mornings and early evenings are prime times but when the water is cooler in the spring and fall any time during the day can produce.

Hope this helps and if you need a charter.   I get stripers all season as we fish prime time early mornings and evenings and there is good action using popping and swimming plugs.

Good Luck


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It has been a tough winter here in Cape May.   We have had more snow this year than Buffalo New York and it has been so cold not much has melted.   Usually I am getting itchy to start working on the boat to get it ready for the season, but right now the snow is piled up so high all around it that I hope it will be gone by April.

On a high note I have gotten most all of my tackle ready and have made lots of new flies.

Did hear a report of the first laughing gulls over by Shaw Crest.   It was only a small batch but that is very early as they usually come in force in March.

With the heavy snow showers today it is hard to imagine that it will be getting warm anytime soon.


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Yea it is pretty much party over till spring.   It has been bone chilling cold with ice on creeks and if you look at the ice pictures on the home page you will definately know it is over.


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Don't know what to tell you.   We had a cold spell and I know the back bay and beach waters dropped quite a bit.   Guys catching in boat where fishing the deeper offshore area where the bottom water would be a little warmer.

Wouldn't hurt to try.  You might also find some small ling along the beach at this time of the year.  You are a better man than me.   I am content to sit inside where it is warm and clean fishing gear or tie new flies.

Let us know if you catch anything.   Bait might be difficult to get as most tackle shops are closed.   Maybe lobster house might have something (clams) to use.    Better idea< got get some fresh seafood and cook it up and enjoy while watching a football game inside where is warm and go for a walk up the beach at half time.

Either way have a good NEW YEAR.

Don't know any headboats that fish for mackerel any more.   So few come by this time of year and they are so far off that boats do not go for them.   Spring is the same story.   So few and so far off that not worth running for.    The big declines came years back when they did pair trawling and sold millions of pounds to overseas markets.   Stock have never come back.

Pulled the boat out of the water the day before the big snow storm.   Didn't want to, but it was the smart thing to do.   Fishing in a small open boat this time of year is not a whole lot of fun no matter how many fish you might catch and that is when the fishing is hot.

The last part of the season has been okay for the bait fishermen but with 6 weekends in a row of northeasters or gale force winds from one direction or the other our water in the back bays and around the inlets and beach front has looked like milky coffee.    For us fly fishermen mother nature made for one of the toughest fall seasons that I can remember.    It is almost a relief that it is over.

Already looking forward to the 2010 season.  Hope everyone has a great Holiday.


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With the slow fishing, that is not too bad.   Fishing today would be a good idea.   Fish are already wet so they don't care and sometime with the rougher water and cloud cover you can do pretty well.  Could also fish the point and have the wind to your back.   Hope you did alright.


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Water should be cleaning up a bit by Thursday.   Action along the beach has been fairly slow, but you can't catch if you don't try.

Most of the good striper action has been fishing the rips or chunking up in Delaware Bay.

Most head boats are fishing for tog and blues, as the sea bass sea is closed.   There are a few head boats fishing for bass.   Not sure how they are doing.

Even myself with my fly and plug charters the fishing has been slower than it should be for this time of the year.  I target the inlet, beachfront and back bay.  I am catching stripers, but they are all on the small size.   We are just not seeing the normal number or the better size fish that should be here this time of the year.


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lever drags are much easier to addjust than a star drag.   Also if you are live lining a live bait you can set the drag very light with the lever and then move it up as needed when hooking or fighting a fish.

It works very well when trolling offshore as you want to adjust the drag during the fight.   They are usually more expensive than star drags.

There is nothing wrong with star drags I have used them for years and still do.  All drags when set right you will have no problems.

Right now with the Strong North East Storm there is no where you can fish.   Normally the northern end of Cape May is a good place to surf fish at this time of the year.    The last couple of weeks it has been fairly slow, but before the storm there was suppose to be a good batch of fish to the north that was headed down the beach.   Should be in our are this week or next.

Water clarity may be a problem for a while as this storm has reall taking a lot of beach and with all the rain and back bay grass, it will be dirty for a while.

Hope this helps and you catch some fish.


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No fishing here in Cape May.   We have had gale force winds with gusts to about 50 mph  for two days with one more to go.   The back bay looks more like the ocean 5 foot waves in the inter harbor.   Hopefully things will get back to resonable conditions by Sunday.   It is not pretty down here right now.

Most sporting goods store should have a good selection of rods and reels or combination set ups.   If he is going to fish bait I thing a 9 to 9 1/2 foot rod with a reel matched to the rod with 17 to 20 lb test should be good to start with.   

If down here at the shore you can tell them what type fishing you are looking to do and they will show you what will work.


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Now is a good time to fish that area.   Both sides of the island are good.   The eastern side is fishable right as you go over the bridge from North Wildwood.  (both sides are easy access.)  Then you can get easy acess to the east side by parking close to the bridge that goes into Stone Harbor.   Good using bait, plugs or flies.   Incoming last two hours or outgoing seem to be best.

I fish the Nummy Island area once in a while on foot.   Lures and popping plugs work well.   On fly rod clousers and baitfish patterns on intermediate line work good.    Good luck, I hope you catch at the weather, wind wise is going to be tough.

Still may be a while before migrating striper hit our area in any numbers.

It was bad.  I haven't been out in over a week.   Took a look at the water and there was a lot of junk in it and it was very dirty.   Super  high and low tides with the new moon are not helping.   Hope to get out this week and see if things have changed for the better as the action was slow before the storm.

We seem to go from high winds to higher northeast winds and rain with flooding tides this week.   Even the most diehard fishermen have enough sense to stay out of the weather.   Haven't had a day to go out since last weekend and mother nature is wiping out this weekend.    Will all the wind the water is really pretty brown.  Sooner or later we have to get some nice weather and conditions to fish.    It is too early for cabin fever!


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The amount of bait has been less and less each year.   Cape May County sprays Malathion for mosquito control which is very bad for marine life.   Many states have banned it's use except for emergency situations.   Combined with run off polution, those of us who fish the back bay areas all the time, have seen a steady decline in bait fish and fish populations over the last 6 years.    The state does not have the funding to look into the situation according to those who could do the research and indentify and correct it.   So we just watch it get worse and worse each passing year.


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Bait situation is really bad.   I was out last night and there were no signs of mullet or peanut bunker on all 4 sides of the inlet rocks.   Only bait we saw were glass minnows and very few of them and the only hits we got were from 8 to 10 inch bluefish.

Even in the back bay it was dead with very little bait other than the small glass minnows.

With fishing so bad I canceled this mornings charter.  Didn't want waste his time and money.   Hope it changes soon.


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Good luck.   The bait runs keep getting weaker and weaker each year.   Remember only take what you need.   Too many people take way too much out.   They should probably put a limit on how much you can take on any given day as guys are down netting coolers full a night.   Multiply that by all the guys doing it and it is way too much being taken.

Big blues do come in once in awhile but not on a regular basis.   Mid October is when the first migratory bass start to show up, with the best fishing in November and December as our waters seem to stay warm a very long anymore.


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There should be small bluefish, croakers and some small stripers around at that time.   Cut bait, mullet or clams for bait should get you good action for the kids.   Also gulp baits on jig heads if using lighter rod should be good.   You might find it easier to fish with the kids over at Cape May Point or along the beach from there to the Ferry jetty as you do not have to cast to far to get past the waves.

Might also use some smaller hooks to get a better hook up ratio for the kids.


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I have not kept up with surf fishing gear.   I use to do a lot of surf fishing when I was younger and always used Penn Reels.

Since I got into fly fishing it has dominated my fishing and I have sold all of my surf equipment.   When ever I fish the surf it is with a fly rod as most of the fish are feeding right in the wash.

If you surf fish, don't always cast as far as you can.   Try some short casts and some really short casts.   You might get a nice surprize.   Another good technique it to use a bank sinker and slowly move it in toward the beach.

Okuma reels.  I have had a few of their fly reels and the finish did not hold up to the salt well.   Mechanically they were good, but they looked like they had been through a war.

I alway believe in buying the best reels you can afford.  Quality reels
will hold up a long time if you take care of them.


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For you Birders,   Fishing under the bridge, at night,  that goes to the lower end of Wildwood Crest.   I heard a lot of screeching when I would go under there to fish from the boat, but could never see what was making all the racket.   The other night when I used my spot light I finally saw what was making all the noise.

I took a few pictures and emailed them to a Birding friend of mine and he said they were Barn Owls.   They were not the best pictures with darkness but he said that is what they were.

They seemed to like the opening between the concrete and where the metal span swings up.   If anyone would like to see the rather poor quaility pictures, drop me an email and I will email you the pictures.


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Fishing is a little slower during the heat of the summer.   I would try Cape May Point or along Higbees Beach.  Should be some fluke and croaker along there.   Either bait or Gulp on jig heads should work.   Also should be small blues around and they hit just about anything you offer them.