Glad the gulp baits worked for you and you had some fun.   It does hurt when people do not follow the rules.   You should report them to the game officials.    They usually will respond when called.   I carry their number.   Many times they have a lot of ground to cover with only a small force.


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I would go around sunrise or sunset.  Low light is always better.   You might want to scout around and see what is being caught by others..  Walk along and talk to those who are fishing.


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Great information from Dan the Man.

I thought I made a post answering, but must of deleted instead of posting.

I was going to say the same thing.  Park in Cape May Court House and trip to the zoo is fun.   Very good zoo and it is free.  What ever works for you at home should work there.  Sunfish, small bass.

Bait shops rent rods and reels too and will give good information.

5 to 8 wt fly rod should be able to catch some fish.   Use clouser flies.  Beach in inlet area of north Wildwood, Nummy Island, Cape May Point  or beach at Higbees.

I am sure there are fish that can be caught along there.   I would suggest 2 hours before high tide and 2 hours after high as some areas along there are very shallow.   Do not need heavy rods.  Even freshwater ones will work as you do not need a lot of weight unless you fish a strong current area.  Small hook and use squid minnow combination, plain squid or clam.   Should be some fluke, croakers etc.   I don't know about crabbing.   Any bait shop should be able to help you with anything you will need.

Sounds like good advice.   Fish do hand close to the beach and rock areas.   Squid minnow combination will work but also keep the bait moving along the bottom.   Use a bank sinker and slowly reel it in.    Early mornings and early evenings would be prime time.

We are lucky to have a lot of resident schoolie size stripers that hang around all year to provide action.   The key is to fish Predawn, Sunset or in the darkness of night.  (plus is,  you will find it a bit cooler and more refreshing than fishing in the hot sun and it is more productive.)

Stripers being more light sensitive go on the feed with the lower light conditions.   Most fish range from the 17 to 26 to 27 inches in length with an occassional keeper.

The two most exciting ways to catch them is on a fly rod or using a surface popping plug for the spin anglers.   Nothing like having a bass blast a popper in 3 to 4 feet of water.   They hit is like a polaris missle and make some nice runs as they can not go deep.

The key to catching summer bass is Time of day and location.   You have to think like a fish and ask yourself where would I be looking for an easy meal if I was a fish.

It is out in the ocean out past the mouth of Delaware Bay.  About a 16 mile run offshore.


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Fishing is always pretty good in the back bay areas but your boat is too big to fish back there in the shallow water and small creeks.

You might want to try shark fishing.   You should be able to get some bluefish while doing it.    Also tuna fishing as there are some inshore areas that produce.

Delaware Bay should have some fish you just have to work at it a bit and try some different areas.


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Those species are caught by accident while fishing for other species.   Any of the smaller charter boats 4 passengers or less will fish in the back bay if that is the type fishing you want to do.   Drift fishing for flounder, plug or fly fishing for stripers and blues or bait fishing for stripers.    While doing those you alway have a shot at catching other fish too.

No thanks, That is a full time job and you can never do enough and what ever you do, half like it and the other half hate it.   That is a lose lose situation.  I just like to help those enjoy Cape May and the area.   Maybe just welcome to Cape May committee member.

Zoo is a must.   It is free and really good for a small zoo.   People are always impressed with it.


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It may sound a bit weird, but a bobber and an hook baited with bloodworm or other bait fished close along the jetties or beach at Cape May Point is a very effective way to catch,  Weakfish, Sea Herring, bluefish, and stripers.

You can also use gulp scented baits or put bait or gulp on small jig heads and cast them out working them slow along the bottom.   For this smaller lighter rods are best.


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You want to fish mornings or evenings for best results.   As I stated in another post.  Fishing Cape May Point is good.   There are a number of jetties along there and fishing from the beach can be good.  Don't forget to make some shorter casts as many times the fish are only 5 to 25 feet off the surf there.

Enjoy your vacation and hope you catch.

You do not need a license of any type for you or your children.   If fishing from the surf you would need larger rod and reel.   I you want to use your light tackle freshwater you could do so in the back bay areas.    It might be worth a trip over to cape May point.   The Alexander ave. area.   The beaches there have very little wave action compared to the ocean.   You can fish in the mornings till the life guard come on the beach and after they leave.   To the right of the Alexander ave jetty you can fish all day.

Cape May Bait and tackle is on Sunset Blvd on the left hand side  right past the light at West Cape May.    They are very helpful.   They could show you how to rig up to catch and they have bait there.   They also rent bigger rods is you want to do that.   

There is also a lot to see there.   The Light House, Nature Park, Sunken Concrete Ship at the end of Sunset Blvd and the WWII Observation tower.

Fishing is more expensive on a charter boat but they provide all the rods, reels, bait etc.    A 4 hour trip would be all you would need with the young children.   Party boats offer 4 hour trips but you are on them with a group of other people.   There are also places that will rent you your own small boat to go out fishing.

There are lots of place to eat, shop etc.   You will find them all pretty good.   If not they do not stay in business too long.   Cape May City is self is a must see as they it is the oldest sea shore resort and has lots of interesting old victorian buildings.

Have a great vacation.


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Yes, your trip will be coming up soon  Phil.   Hope the weather gets a bit better.   We have been having our fair share of clouds and rain.   It has to be getting more like summer any day.  I still have not been able to wear shorts in the boat yet with it getting cold every night.   I hope I can duplicate last years trip, plus the beautiful sunset that night.   Ray


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I would fish Cape May Point early in the morning or late afternoon till dark.  Should have,  some striper, bluefish, weakfish, fluke activity there.  You can use bait or lures and should not have heavy surf.     Many of the regular bathing beaches do not allow fishing while life guards are on duty.

Don't be afraid to cast close to shore as many fish move up and down the drop off close to the beach.

You can fish during the day from Alexander Ave north to the ferry inlet.

Alos Nummy Island between North Wildwood and Stone harbor has some great sodbank fishing.

Good Luck.


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With the water in the mid 60's the fishing is pretty good.  The guys surf fishing are picking up stripers and small blues and occassional drum fish.   Weakfish are around, from the big tide runners to the smaller spike size ones, but you have to work a little harder for them with early mornings and early evenings being prime time.   

Boat fishermen are also catching all of the species including summer flounder.   It is a good time to get out with a variety of fish around.

Get out and wet a line.


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It is not that hard.   A standard fish finder rig will work for all of the fish you mentioned or you coulf use a two hook rig.   I would go to any local bait shop.   They will be glad to show you what you can use and how to rig it up.   They want you to catch fish so you will keep coming back as a good customer.   Just buy a few things to get started and as you learn or see other using different thing you can then try some other things.


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They have been catching all along the beach all week and some really big fish too.   Saturday they were getting them all along the beach and we had a good night on the fly at the inlet even with the 20 mph wind blowing.

Fishing was really good this week.  Stripers and Sea Herring were providing some good action on the fly rod.   This week had three keeper size bass 28 1/4, 33 abd 36 1/2 inches.  Nice fish giving a nice fight with a good number around the 26 inch range.

A friend caught the first weakfish that I know off earlier this week.    So far there are still no signs of the bluefish, but they should be here anyday now.

Another good sign was a large school of bunker along the beach front.

With Fluke season opening Memorial day, fishing should be in full swing.


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Sputnik sinkers work well but I doubt if it would make a difference.  they hold better with a lot of current.   As long as you are holding bottom you should be good.

Since I talked to you.  Action has been decent on the fly and artificials.   I have had bass on the fly each trip with the water temps from 51 to 54 degrees.  Not a lot but fishing is getting better.   Had two keepers on the fly this week.  28 1/4 and one 36 1/2 inches.   Both of which I released to fight another day.   All my fishing has been late afternoon into dark.

Rain and clouds this week cooled the water back down.   Bait guys still catching but for catching on the fly the water it too cold again.   Did get another keeper tog to take a fly.


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Vinnie gave you good advise.   From the beach you should be able to catch some fish and have some fun.

After weeks over colder than average water temperatures we finally got some warm days which brought the beach front temperatures into the mid 50's.   

Got out last night and was able to catch three stripers on bucktail deceivers on sinking fly line.   It felt good to break the ice.

Also had a 16 inche keeper tog on the fly.

It should only get better from now on.


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That's not too bad.   At least you got a striper.   I have done few early season trips trying to catch stripers on the fly, but the water is still pretty cold for this time of year and have not gotten the first one on the fly yet.    With the warm weather of this weekend the fish should start anyday now.

Stopped by the Point this morning just to check it out and there was not much happening.      Checked it out again Saturday night.   There were a lot of guys fishing but nothing being caught.   Right around sunset I did see some small pods of bait fish with a few small swirls around them.   Could of been small bass or Hickory Shad.

Water is still very cold, but with a few more warm days it should turn on.   The water is about 10 degrees colder than the same time last year.