3 October

by mkolbusz

5 Barn Owls

by CapeMayRay

7 Starling murmurations

by Nikita09

11 Winter Robins

by PAgirlinSC

12 Rubythroat Sighting

by Mosey

13 Black skimmers

by bmay560

14 Oct.08

by sue

15 Crabs

by Tortugle

17 Best Week to Come In October

by DavidfromMississippi

19 Late August species

by EddieM

21 Where to see red knots?

by brendaz

22 Mid April Visit

by Bretr

23 birding trip in march

by Strixnebulosa

27 Luna moth migration???

by fiver13

28 Red Admiral Explosion

by PaulK

29 new osprey nest/platform

by grandmapd

30 Blue Grossbeak

by flounder46