Topic: I need surf fishing advice please.

I am going down to cape may the last week in june. I would like to surf fish in the mornings or at night but I need advice on what type of bait or lures I should use. I am open to catching anything as I never surk fished before. I fish for stripers up here on the hudson river so I have a good 7' rod and a baitrunner reel. I also have a 6 weight fly rod that I use for trout. The question I have is which one should I bring and where should I go to catch some fish! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Re: I need surf fishing advice please.

Danny, you could use both.   6 wt is a little light, but there are a lot of small weakfish, blues, sea herring and fluke down at the point.   They would be blast on the fly rod.   Only problem would be hooking up with something pretty big which can happen.    Gulp scented baits work great.  Small  bucktails tipped with bait gulp baits, or rubber worms.    Also many fish floats with bloodworm down about 4 feet and drift it in close to the rocks.

With the fly rod small clousers, jiggies and deceivers worked slow on the bottom catch well.   For herring and blues they like them stripped faster, sometimes as fast as you can do it.

Go down and see what others are using and what they are catching.  You can adjust and catch.

Re: I need surf fishing advice please.

My husband and I will in in Wildwood July 21st-23rd my husband would like to go fishing. Where is the best place and to go and what about is the cost?

Re: I need surf fishing advice please.

If you fish from the surf or the beach there is no cost if you have your own rods and reels other than bait.

If you are looking for boat fishing.   The cheapest way is on a party boat.  You just show up at the time they are leaving the dock.  They have 4, 6 and 8 hour trips.

I run two passanger trips  using a 18 1/2 foot boat and fish the backbays, inlet and beachfront.  I will send you an email with more information.