Topic: Decent hikes in Cape May Co.?

Anyone know any cool hikes in Cape May Co. besides Belleplain St. Park [Lake Nummy-East Creek circuit]? The longer the better, a loop is better than a down -and-back, wildlife viewing is a plus but not a necessity. The wife and I love to hike and bird/animal watch but there isn't much around here that we know of of any decent length. Any info or links you could provide will be appreciated. Thanks, DadTown

Re: Decent hikes in Cape May Co.?

Dadtown - South Jersey doesn't have Rocky Mountain type hikes, but there are some great places to walk and hike.  There are trails at Higbee Beach that can provide a 3 mile hike, much of it in sand along the Delaware Bay, as well as forests and fields.  The views are great and there won't be many people - if any.  Birding can be great as well.  If you go to the home page of Cape May Times and then click on Nature you will find a section on beach walks that includes several locales.  You can type in the following and get to the Higbee Beach walk

You might also try walking the Cove - from Cape May to the Point, and then onward around the Point - or through the trails in the Cape May Point State Park. 

You should find those hikes fun and walking on sand is great exercise.