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My sister is turning 40 this year and wants to spend the weekend (which happens to be Memorial Day) in Cape May.  We have a total of 17 definite people coming, with possibly 6 more.  (We have 2 families of 5, one family of 3, one couple, and 2 single adults.)  I was origainally looking at hotels (the Grand is one that someone recommended), but was also thinking about B&B's.  My sister would love to stay in a B&B, but didn't think we would be able to because of the children (we have 8 in total, ranging from 4 to 16).  But I thought if we rented out the whole place, then we wouldn't be bothering anybody else anyway.  Does anyone have any suggestions???
Thanks for any help you can give.

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Memorial day weekend is a busy weekend and it sounds like you'll need space for 23 people.
If you want to book an entire B&B, you'd better do it now.  Go to:

[url=]Cape May Bed and Breakfast Inns[/url]

Another way to go would be to rent a large house for the weekend - check the large houses for rent  at:

[url=]Cape May Vacation Rentals[/url]

You could get some of the B&B ambiance your sister is looking for, with space for everyone.

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Can anyone tell me anything about Adventure Motor Inn in Wildwood.  A group of us are planning a trip the end of May into the first of June.  Not familar with the Motor Inn and cannot find anything on the Web.  Thanks...

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For the woman with the 40 year old celebration...Try the Hotel Macomber.  The have lot's and lot's of room right on the beach and they are cheapest.  It's perfect for larger groups.  Plus, they are in a great spot, across for the prominade that has an arcade for the kids, shops, and a great place to eat called Henry's that also has outdoor eating so you cant watch the dolpins off the shore.  If they are still open this year, Lulu's coffee shop sits below Hotel Macomber just under the front porch and there's bike rentals behind that AND Hotel Macomber also has just about THE best fine dining restaurant in town on their first floor, super duper food!!!  And, to top it off, the staff is wonderful.  Good luck, maybe we'll see your group there that weekend.