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i am trying to plan a beach wedding and reception next september.  Does cape may have prohibitions on the reception on the beach?

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Re: the wedding question - as far as I know you can only use the beach for an actual wedding ceremony, not a reception.

There's info on Cape May wedding planning in the wedding section of this website - it might be helpful if you're planning to get married here.

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I am doing a reception just off the beach in Cape May.  I rented the Beach Club of Cape May (which is located right next to the coast guard).  They are a private beach - so you can have the ceremony and reception on the beach.  We are using their club house for our reception.  I believe that they are working in conjunction with the Washington Inn now (when i booked them both, it wasn't a package deal - but I think that they told me that it is now)...So you should give them a call if you really want to do the reception on the beach. 

let me know if you want any more info.!

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I've been trying to find info on the cape may beach club, yet the whole site is pretty much down, and noone answers the phone.  any suggestions? are they not open for the season yet?  I e-mailed the washington Inn b/c I saw they're working together outdoor recptions.  any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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Everything you need to know can be found online.  A beach permit is very easy to obtain and you can purchase for 30 minutes, and if no other weddings are happening, you can buy additional time.  The people in the office are so nice and make everything easy. It is really inexpensive too.  Also, if you have someone who can oversee the ceremony (we brought a friend who also does small events to do it), then you are in great shape.  There is a company I DO NOT recommend using.  I had terrible experiences and she charges a fee just to meet you face to face.  Her name is Catherine Walton and her company is Weddings by the Sea.  Also, she has a monopoly on the market, so will charge you for every little detail.  Do yourself a favor and save the $1200+.  She has no idea how to treat people.

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Thanks for having this site.  My daughter is planning a wedding in Cape May for May 17.  She and the groom are living in London.  I live in NJ.  We say a wonderful house to rent near the beach.  The reception will be in the yard.  She would love to get married on the beach/or we understand there is a gazebo near the convention center. 

Being MOM, I am afraid if it rains or is cold & windy....the beach might not be the place to marry.

Does anyone know how much this might cost as our budget is limited and I don't want to lose $$ if we can't use it.

Also any ideas on caterers that would do a wonderful job at the house?   Any leads would be appreciated.


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