Topic: Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Whip-poor-wills

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, in Belleplain State Forest on the back trails, we had newly arrived Blue-gray Gnatcatchers.
Last night, we had a Whip-poor-will on our woodland trail in Eldora.  This "whip" was so close, you could hear his light, bubbly "whip.....whip....whip" before he sang his full (whip-poor-WILL)  song. Brian had one so close to his head he flinched!  Jakes Landing Road in Dennisville is a good place to listen for early returning Whip-poor-wills as well.  Later in the season, they like to land on the road and fly up, grab an insect, then return to the same spot on the road. Watch for their red eye shine on the road as you drive out!

Re: Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Whip-poor-wills

Karen - To followup on your Blue-gray Gnatcatcher post, they were at a couple of other places in the past two days.  There was one in the Cape May Point State Park this afternoon and Chris Vogel reports at least one or two more from another nearby location.  So, they are coming in nicely now.

Also, thought I saw a pair of Blue-winged Teal flying away from us on the trail at the Park this afternoon.  It's about time, so ...