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Fly fishing action still remains hot despite cold temps.   Today we were out fishing along the inlet rocks and caught 19 stripers in 2 1/2 hours using sinking lines and bunker pattern flies in 25 mph wind.   Water was calm as the wind was blowing from the west.   Had a lot of fun on a cold day.

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I have some time off in Dec. I would like to Striper fish at night on Poverty. is it too cold now to fish off the beach, with the water temp in the low 40's?

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No, fish should still bite.   Will hit bait better on bait than artificials the colder it gets.   Fish should bite until the water gets too cold.   Last year I pulled the boat Dec. 31 and was still catching fish off the sod banks on a fly rod till Jan 12 th.

Will probably be pulling the boat very soon as I can always fish from shore for the rest of the season.   Got some real cold weather headed our way and I want to get it cleaned up and covered before the holidays as I have a lot of fun things to do and want to get it all set for winter.

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Ray - I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago on the phone. Thanks so much for spending the time with me and sharing your knowledge. I was hoping to be able to get down on a nice weekday and go out with you before the end of the season, but it doesn't look like it now. Definitely next Spring or Summer.
Hey I was wondering if you think it might be good over at the Cold Spring jetty tomorrow with the NE wind expected? If so, what type of lures/rigs would you suggest?
Also, based on your last post above, what lures would you suggest over at the sod banks as the season winds down?
Thanks Again and have a Merry Christmas!
Joe G.

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Joe, sorry I did not get to respond for Sat.   I pulled the boat yesterday with the cold weather predicted and a busy holiday schedule.  (Didn't want to have to worry about the boat being in the water)

I will be fishing from the sod banks or beachfront with the fly rod when weather permits.   

Lures along the rocks or sod banks.    Finesse lure with a fly teaser always work both in the back and the rocks.   Swimming plugs mag darters, x-raps by Rapla, Mr Bunker rattle trap style lures will all catch.   If the fish are there they will hit.   Working them all slow seems to be the key.   Fish will chase them down but not at the pace during the warmer water.

Good Luck,  I will be putting the boat back in the water come April.   Hope I get a chance to get you out for some fun next year.