Topic: Where to see red knots?

I'm going to be visiting the area this Thurs. 22nd.  Can you recommend the best place with general directions to see the red knots feasting on the horseshoe crab eggs? 
Thank you!

Re: Where to see red knots?

Today should be just about the peak of Red Knot visitation in Cape May.  Perhaps your best place to see these birds is one of several beaches along the Delaware Bayshore.  Between Norbury's Landing and Reed's Beach can be productive.  To reach these locations, drive west (north) on Route 47 from Rio Grande (north of Cape May on Route 9, Exit 4 on the Garden State Parkway).  Drive west/north until you reach the first stoplight (after passing out of Rio Grande).  Turn left onto Norbury's Landing Road.  In about a mile, the road will separate...take the right split onto Millman Road and follow it to the end - Norbury's Landing.  Get out and start looking up the beach.  Or, drive farther north until you see Reeds Beach Road on your left (just after the Cape May Mosquito Commission on your left). Drive to the end of that road (swing right when you get past the marsh and into some houses) and go to the end of that road where there is a marina.  Just before the marina there is an observation area on the beach side from which Red Knots may be seen feeding on horseshoe crab eggs. 

You may also see flocks of Red Knots in the evening at Stone Harbor Point.  From the parking lot at the southern end of Stone Harbor, walk right along the beach to the end of the Point.  The Red Knots sometimes rest on the beach there at night, so go just before sunset.  (This can be great birding for many species.)

By about June 3 or so, these birds will be winging their way north to their arctic nesting sites.