Topic: Best Week to Come In October

My wife & I are planning on birding a week in October.  We want to maximize the number of species we see. What is the best week to come?  We have many of the song birds that come through Cape May because they also pass through our area (Alabama).  We need geese, hawks, pelagics, and some of the shore birds.

Re: Best Week to Come In October

Hi David:

It's always tricky to pick a time.  Earlier in October is better for shorebirds and songbirds, later is better for waterfowl, early to mid-month is ideal for hawks and also very good for Parasitic Jaegers, the one pelagic bird that can be reliably seen from shore.  It's hard to go wrong in October in Cape May, though some days are inevitably slow and some can be downright fabulous.