Topic: American Bittern

Had the first American Bittern from the Skimmer yesterday, fighting the wind like the rest of us. Dowitcher numbers seem to be declining, Blackbellied Plovers increaseing. Local Ospreys headed south,earlier than ususal? A number of first year Tri-Colored Herons around,but very few first year Snowy Egrets, have no idea where and if,they nested this year.Large numbers of Red Knots and other mixed shorebirds in Hereford Inlet, along with good numbers of Royal Terns and a smattering of Caspians, at least 2 Marbled Godwits present, usually with large groups of Oystercatchers.

Re: American Bittern

Snowy Egrets seemed to have decent nesting success in the New York harbor this year, so the seeming decline in Cape May County may be local.  Even more interesting that other herons and egrets were successful, but Snowys...  Did the state do a nesting survey this year - anyone know???