Topic: Back Bay Bluefish Turned On

Yesterday afternoon as the tide peaked and started to ebb, two of us took about two dozen small bluefish.  We fished behind Wildwood, using mullet as chum and bait.  Blues found the chum within 5 minutes.  We floated the mullet about 3 feet below a bobber, which worked beautifully.  Blues were only up to 16", but great fun on very light tackle.  There were some smooth dogfish and sea herring to spice things up.  Also used my flyrod in the chum slick and that worked as well.  Thought we might pick up bass, but that didn't happen.

Re: Back Bay Bluefish Turned On

Good to hear you got into some action.   With the water cooling down there should be some better striper action popping up soon.   Been also catching striper along with the blues on flies in the back but they have all been very small.