Topic: Black skimmers

Is the second week of Nov good for seeing Black Skimmers? if so, where would I do so?

Re: Black skimmers

The second week of November is not a great time to see Black Skimmers.  However, there are usually some around.  The peak for the large flocks is early October.  If you look along the beachfront in Cape May in November, between the 2nd Ave Jetty (farthest one toward Cape May Point) and the bigger hotels, there are often some flocks perched on the beach.  They look like gulls at first, but when you get closer they look darker and ...  This can be hit or miss.  They also roost along other beaches, including Stone Harbor Point, although the beach trucks of the fishermen tend to spook them, and the beaches at the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge in Wildwood Crest.  Again, its hit or miss because many have left for warmer climes.

Good luck.