Topic: New guy visiting Cape May

Hi, I'm planning a three day trip to Cape May next week for some salty r&r.  I'm not looking for anyones " hole, point, rip or slough" but am interested in what a casual but experienced surf caster may find off the beaches at this time of year. I'm comfortable with bait, spoons and plugs but don't fish after dark anymore. Too much to see in the daylight hours and that's what brings us to the coast. Last year I was down the last week in Oct. and a big blow had just dirtied up the water. We (the Mrs. and I) caught skate, sand shark, and very small blues. Had a nice time. Any current info would be appreciated. Thank you.               p.s. if you want ski conditions in southern VT I can help (-:

Re: New guy visiting Cape May

Poverty Beach or Cape May Point both should be good to fish at this time of the year.    Poverty beach it the north end of Cape May on the beach before you get to the Coast Guard restricted area.    Cape May Point is by the light house.   Jetties and beach there.