Topic: Planning for May Striper/Drum trip

Greetings All,
I got back into boat ownership last year after a 6-year dry spell and just found this forum. I have a Carolina Classic 28 slipped in Cape May Marine.

I am trying to figure out the best week in May to plan a Striper/Drum trip with some out of town cousins traveling down from CT. I have fished out of Cape May for many years with Capt Bob on the Sea Star and seem to recall the best spring striper action is usually around the 2nd week of May. Some years I also caught Drum at the same time.

I am looking for the best guess on a 5-day window.  I have posted on the Barn and gotten two opinions, the early May Full Moon and the late May New Moon.  I figure the new moon would probably be rbetter for Drum, but would most likely miss the Striper bite.  Since my cousins catch enough stripers in CT, they are more focused on a successful Drum trip.  The new moon being right on Memorial Day weekend will make it a zoo. 

We are considering the 1st week of June as well, but is that too late?  It wasn't last year, but then again, last year fishing was off schedule most of the year.

I appreciate any advise from the forum.

Steve Iwicki
Reel Freedom
2000 Carolina Classic 28
Twin Cummins 6BTAs
Cape May, NJ

Re: Planning for May Striper/Drum trip

I don't fish for Drum any more as I am more into fly and plug fishing, but the information given to you sounds about right.    Even thought the bay maybe a zoo at that time of year, with all the people out drum fishing, you should be able to find a spot where you can catch.   Even on good days it can drive you crazy as the drum do move around.    Boat next to you may be pulling them in left and right and later they are dead and you are hooking up.

Drum are fun to catch, but not much fun to clean, so keep that in mind if you do have a good day catching.   You might want to let some go.   I see too many each year thrown away after anglers get frustrated cleaning only part of their catch.

Good Luck, I think you will do just fine.

Re: Planning for May Striper/Drum trip

Thanks Capt Ray.  We don't plan on keeping more than 1 or 2 puppies as there is so much meat on them.  I also saw a lot of waste in my marina last year.  We are using some heavier line so we don't fight them to death either, as I saw a lot of released fish that didn't survive floating in the bay.