Topic: Fishing in April

Hello Cape May Anglers,
I am heading to Cape May in mid April 2006 with 3 teenage sons in hope of a little fish action. What is our best bet for 'hooking up' this time of year. We are equipped for surf and jetty and would consider head boat or charter or anything else that might bring us some fun. Thanks, Chris

Re: Fishing in April


April is a hot month for stripers!  We are already catching them very well!  We had 55 stripers the other day to 34".  We Run "Open Boat" trips and still have some availabilty for April.  Give us a shot....we'll put a bend in your rods for ya!

Thanks and hope to see you!

Re: Fishing in April

Surf and jetty fishing should be good by mid April at Cape May Point and Poverty Beach area.    It would be worth a trip on the Stalker with Skip.  The action has started up and will be getting better every day.  I know he had a good trip today.  He will work hard and put you on some fish.  Hope you have a good stay in Cape May.