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My name is Chris, GREAT to meet everyone!!  I have a few questions for anyone.  I want to try some surf fishing but have NO idea what type of rig to use and how to go about using it!! Was going to try to fish for stripers, blues, fluonder, ect but I am REALLY confused about what to use and how to go about putting the rig on the line.  Have read ALOT of stuff about leaders and things too.  Are there any fishing clubs in the area??  I live in Middle Twp.  Hope everyone has a great fishing day!!

Re: Hi all!! Nice to meet everyone

It is not that hard.   A standard fish finder rig will work for all of the fish you mentioned or you coulf use a two hook rig.   I would go to any local bait shop.   They will be glad to show you what you can use and how to rig it up.   They want you to catch fish so you will keep coming back as a good customer.   Just buy a few things to get started and as you learn or see other using different thing you can then try some other things.

Re: Hi all!! Nice to meet everyone

To follow up on Cape May Ray's thoughts, start slow. The bait shops in the area are great. They are very willing to help. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Be patient, you'll improve over time. I know it's only June, but think about attending the various fishing shows and talking to people there. Check this forum often, it is a great source of info and Cape May Ray is super. Most of all enjoy yourself! Good luck!

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