Topic: Visiting July 4th through 11th -North Wildwood

Hello All,
I am going to be visiting for vacation for July 4th through 11th, 2009. My daughters are 11 - 9 years old and would like to go fishing. I was considering taking them on a party boat for a half day trip, plus fishing from shore in the mornings before we get going to the beach, etc. We are staying on 17th street in North Wildwood. Can anyone make some recommendations for a party and charter boat and a place where we could fish in the mornings from the shore. I have a medium freshwater setup that uses 10lb. test line, would that be sufficient for fishing from the beach or inlet, etc? I also need some information about licenses required for fishing for myself, wife, and 11-9 year old children.

In addition, if anyone wanted to throw out some general recommendations about the area, such as good local places to eat seafood, get pizza, grocery shop, etc, I would be greatful. I've been working "overseas" for the past five months and this is our first family vacation to the beach. We have four children total 11-9-2-1. Thanks.