Topic: Tide Runner Back In the Water and Ready for the 2006 Season

After 3 days of near gale force winds, finally got a nice day to put my flats boat in it's slip for the season.  Had to wait for the weather to warm up a bit to make fishing in a small boat enjoyable.   First Charters are scheduled for around Easter, so I will be out scouting some areas for my Fly fishing and plug clients and getting in some personal fishing before I get real busy.  With every day getting warmer, the fish will be getting more active and our summer species will begin infiltrating our coastal waters making for a super spring and summer.

All my fly fishing freinds at South Jersey Coastal Fly Anglers are also getting excited.  You can only make so many new flies for the season and when a few warm days come the urge to get out and fish is over powering.  Can't wait to get my first fish on the fly for 2006

Re: Tide Runner Back In the Water and Ready for the 2006 Season

Been out a couple days working the backbay with flyrod searching for that first striper of the year on the flyrod, but the water is still a little cold in the back.   Water is finally getting in the 50's which will activate the bait and get the stripers feeding.   Bait fishing is just starting to pick up also in the back while the guys in the rips and Delaware bay are having great action catching lots of fish.  Just have to be patient and wait for it to happen.  Should be any day now.