Topic: Where are the fish at right now?

Re: Fishing is pretty goodHi, I've been following this forum for a couple months now trying to see how the fishing's going.  We have been coming to Cape May and surf fishing / fishing on the charters for about 25 years now.  We usually surf fish between Jefferson and Ocean St. and use 4 oz weights and squid strips, clams, and mullet for bait and just let it sit on the bottom with the one liter down near the weight and the other a little higher up.  We have pretty good luck catching skates and sharks but I think we'd all like to try to catch some different fish.  We'll probably be doing the charter boat at least one of the days / nights but as far as the surf fishing, is there somewhere near there that's better for stripers, blues, and weakfish? And is there a different bait, rig, or technique that would possibly help us get better results?  There's a group of 8 of us that go and would like to have a little more diversity in what we catch this year.  Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.  Also, what's the water temp like lately?

Re: Where are the fish at right now?

You want to fish mornings or evenings for best results.   As I stated in another post.  Fishing Cape May Point is good.   There are a number of jetties along there and fishing from the beach can be good.  Don't forget to make some shorter casts as many times the fish are only 5 to 25 feet off the surf there.

Enjoy your vacation and hope you catch.