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I am going to be visiting Cape May soon and I was hoping to get an idea were to take my 34' fountain fishing this year.  I have been going down every year for the last 15 or so years and the fishing has changed constantly.  I always went out to the rips fishing and that used to be good, then last year i spent two weeks fishing the rips and running out to shipwrecks but out of the time i spent, i had only caught 1 drum fish.   It just seemed like things were pretty dead, i was just hoping that someone would have a clue to where the good fishing is in a boat this year

Re: July 2nd through the 14th

Fishing is always pretty good in the back bay areas but your boat is too big to fish back there in the shallow water and small creeks.

You might want to try shark fishing.   You should be able to get some bluefish while doing it.    Also tuna fishing as there are some inshore areas that produce.

Delaware Bay should have some fish you just have to work at it a bit and try some different areas.

Re: July 2nd through the 14th

Well I hit up the rips and the bay and that was pretty uneventful,   I borrowed a small boat and hit the smaller parts of the backwaters but i only caught small blues and some fluke that were only about 14 inches,  My best luck was when i went out on friday and took the ride out to the cape may reef, "DR toms" , and i caught a 23 inch flounder and a 19 inch one.   While i was out some other guy caught what looked to be a thresher shark, had a large tail and teeth to match,   i didn't think that they came in that close or were found in our waters but he made some nice steaks out of it.  Other than the wind the trip was nice, if the ocean would have been a little calmer it would have been great.  thanks for the advice
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