Topic: Why does Cape May scam people when they try to park???

For the July 4th weekend I took my ex girlfriend to Wildwood Crest for the weekend. I used to live there and my family still owns a summer house there. On July 3rd we decide to take a trip to Cape May. I remembered that Cape May has a tricky parking situation where the meters for on street parking are hidden by the Washington Street mall. So after driving around for 10 minutes or so I was able to find a parking spot. I go up to the meter to pay with a credit card and I paid with my card, or so I thought, because there were no receipts that the new parking meters give out so it’s virtually impossible to know if a persons credit card was accepted or not. Wouldn’t you know it, I came back to my car and there was a ticket on my car and after checking my online bank records, the meter didn't accept my debit card.

Why does Cape May do this to people when all people want to do is pay at the parking meter and have a good time?