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I'm a trout fly guy and have never fished anything (fly or spin) south of Toms River.

Taking the family to Wildwood for entire week of Aug 9. Haven't stayed there in about 20 years so its like I'm going for the first time. Looking for advice on how to get some action.

I have two boys, ages 3 and 5, so I need to factor that in.
Some fishing I will do sans kids, some with.

I have a few fly rods but none for salt. I've always wanted to try the fly on salt, so this may be my chance.

I also have no spin rod/reels for salt, so I'm looking for something cheap since its not something we do very often.

I guess the easiest way to do this is one question at a time:

1. Nearby freshwater ponds/lakes with shorefishing for kids?

2. Need an intro to Surf fishing...have never done it it safe for kids that young?

3. Bait for fresh/salt?

4. Recommendations on cheap rods/reels (spin and fly) for salt?

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The absolute best authority on things here is Cape May Ray. I'll pitch in the two cents however:
1-freshwater. I would try the pond at the Cape May County park, this is the where the zoo is. Also i understand there are freshwater ponds off of Cresse Ave, which is off of Rt. 9 about 2 miles south of Rt. 47.
2-surf fishing is fine for the kids. They can play in the sand while you fish, if they get bored.
3-there are numerous bait shops in the general area.
4-I know that Cape May Bait & Tackle rents rods and reels, they give lessons, etc. They are on Sunset Blvd. on the way to the concrete ship. is their web site.
I hope this helps and good luck!

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Great information from Dan the Man.

I thought I made a post answering, but must of deleted instead of posting.

I was going to say the same thing.  Park in Cape May Court House and trip to the zoo is fun.   Very good zoo and it is free.  What ever works for you at home should work there.  Sunfish, small bass.

Bait shops rent rods and reels too and will give good information.

5 to 8 wt fly rod should be able to catch some fish.   Use clouser flies.  Beach in inlet area of north Wildwood, Nummy Island, Cape May Point  or beach at Higbees.

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Perfect. The zoo was already on our agenda so this is like two birds with one stone.

Since I started this thread, I ended up getting a surf rod and appropriate tackle.

We're going to staying near the northern end of the boardwalk. Any specific area/time to fish the surf?

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I know some guys who fish the inlet up there.  You can try the bays behind NW as well.

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I would go around sunrise or sunset.  Low light is always better.   You might want to scout around and see what is being caught by others..  Walk along and talk to those who are fishing.