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i was wondering about surf rods and reels...i have quantum surge 9' rods and surge 80 reels...i am not happy ,at all, with the drag system....does anyone have okuma salina bait feeder reel or the okuma likin' the concept though not sure. i am wanting to upgrade and am thinking 12' surf rod is a deffinate though not sure about the reel...any imput would be appriciated....tks

Re: surf gear

I had an Okuma Avenger and loved it. It was matched with a Tsunami 11 ft rod. The combo worked very well for me. I'd give you model numbers, but the combo was involed in an accident. It was strapped to my roof racks and came loose...on the parkway..and got run trucks. Not a pretty sight.  Very unfortunate.

Anyway, the Okuma set up was great. Cape May Ray would be a good resource as a couple of the local tackle shops..

Re: surf gear

I have not kept up with surf fishing gear.   I use to do a lot of surf fishing when I was younger and always used Penn Reels.

Since I got into fly fishing it has dominated my fishing and I have sold all of my surf equipment.   When ever I fish the surf it is with a fly rod as most of the fish are feeding right in the wash.

If you surf fish, don't always cast as far as you can.   Try some short casts and some really short casts.   You might get a nice surprize.   Another good technique it to use a bank sinker and slowly move it in toward the beach.

Okuma reels.  I have had a few of their fly reels and the finish did not hold up to the salt well.   Mechanically they were good, but they looked like they had been through a war.

I alway believe in buying the best reels you can afford.  Quality reels
will hold up a long time if you take care of them.