Topic: Return of the Hummingbirds!!:)

Last summer, I had attracted ruby-throated hummingbirds to my apartment balconey. I hung a hummingbird feeder and I put out a flower box full of red flowers (bergonias, salvia, and geraniums) and from about July to mid-September, I had ruby-throated hummingbirds at my balconey! After September, however, I didn't see them anymore as it was, or course, getting cooler. I never thought they would have come back so early, but to my very pleasant surprise, I saw a hummingbird come to the same feeder on my balconey!! I'm so exited to see her(I know she's a female-no ruby throat) back!! I put the feeder back out (after it hadn't been out for the entire winter) around April 20th, hoping to see the bird again. I'm very glad she returned! I wonder if the hummer is the same are (or are the same ones) that came last year! They're truely wonderful signs of spring!

Next to my apartment, I have recently seen Baltimore orioles in addition to the hummingbirds!! They are also wonderful signs of spring and warm weather. Last year I saw orioles next to the apartment and they had built a spherical nest in a willow tree near the apartment. That nest, however, fell off of the tree over the summer...I'm hoping that the orioles will build a new nest this year!!! (I have seen one male oriole and even caught a glimpse  of a female oriole) I have also noticed that the orioles (usually just the male) likes to be in the poplar tree and the poplar tree is in bloom...I wonder if the orioles are attracted by the poplar flowers at all......

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