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The larger charter boats have already started picking up stripers in the uper areas of Delaware Bay on clams.   It is a fairly good run so for now with the cold weather is best done in a larger boat.

I am just about set to put my boat in the water, finishing up the last waxing this week.    Even with the weather getting nicer the water along the surf, inlets and back bays is still pretty cold and we need about 5 more degrees to get the fish active there.

Hope to get the boat in this week and start the first trips next week, searching for the first stripers on flies and plugs.   Usually around the 15 of the month action starts to pick up.

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Now that it is May, fishing is getting into high gear.   Stripers, Bluefish, Sea Herring are all hitting flies and plugs for light tackle anglers with the best action around the inlet and beachfront while fishing from a boat.

Along the surf,  Stripers, bluefish and drum are providing good action for anglers using clams or bunker baits.

Boats fishing in Delaware Bay are also getting Stripers, Bluefish and Drum.

With Fluke season opened now, anglers wanting to catch Fluke have found the best action in the back bay areas where the water is warmer.   Squid minnow combinations always work as do bucktails dressed with strip or gulp baits.

Re: Fishing Season Is Starting Up

Hey CapeMayRay. How are things down your way? Is the fishing panning out? We'll be down the first week of July as usual     (bad time to wet a line I know) and look forward to some surf fishing. Hope all is well.


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Not a bad time to fish,   A little late for all the real big stripers but still should be a good number of fish around.  If you are surf fishing I would go early mornings or sunset as the beaches are less crowded and fishing is generally better then.   The fishing was a bit slow in starting but since the begining of May it has been very good.   I mainly fish for stripers,bluefish, sea herring, fluke and what few weakfish there may be.    Mostly the schoolie size stripers with a keeper here and there but a ton of fun on fly rods or light spinning tackle.   I mainly fosh 4:30 am to 8:30 am or 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.   Cooler, less sun, and better fishing.