Topic: Cape May Campgrounds?

Where is the best place to stay for camping in Cape May.  The only one I am seeing online that seems to be closest to the beach and has cabins and tent sites is ponderosa campground.  Has anyone stayed at this place before.  There seems to be much to do at this campground and clean facilities.

Your opinion helps :).

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Re: Cape May Campgrounds?

Beachcomber campground is nice. They have three pools, clean and not too rowdy of a crowd.Check their website for rates and reservations.

Re: Cape May Campgrounds?

We stay at Holly Shores. You can be on the beach in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on where you go. We have stayed there the past 7 or 8 years.  Staff is friendly. Rules are strictly enforced. Not as big as Beachcomber, basically across the street. They have a pool, activities, etc. Not sure of exact location of Ponderosa.  Holly Shores has the cabins, etc. Rates, etc are on the web at What type of camping will you be doing?

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