Topic: Corbin City WMA last night

Hi All,
  Yesterday, January 19th, Pat Sutton had another of her wonderful "All about Owls" programs that started at The Cape May Bird Observatory Center for Reseach and Education. The indoor portion of the program started at 1:00. The outdoors portion of the program "reconvened" at Corbin City Wildlife Management Area at around 4:00. After working all day, I was fortunate enough to be able to join the group at Corbin City WMA.
   If you remember, last night the snow was really coming down. It made a beautiful backdrop to the Short-Eared Owls hunting in the marsh. There were at 2 Short-Eared Owls in view much of the time we were out there and occasionally 3 owls in view at once. We actually drove away from them at the end of the program. The owls were interacting with each other, fighting with the many Northern Harriers, and perching on old pilings-giving us a spectacular show! It was magical.
  There will be another "All about Owls" program next Thursday, January 27th starting at 1:00 at the Cape May Bird Observatory Center for Research and Education that still has openings. I urge participants to take advantage of Pat's knowledge and enthusiasm- it definitely adds to the magic!
  Also, keep in mind there will be another program - "Tuckahoe and Corbin City WMA" on Saturday, February 19th- there are still openings.  Come and  familiarize yourselves with these really great, underbirded areas with Pat and myself! Other birds we have been seeing at Corbin City and Tuckahoe WMA have been Bald Eagles, a couple of Golden Eagles, and so far 3 Rough-legged Hawks.
  Please contact the Cape May Bird Observatory for pre-registration at either 861-0700 or 884-2736.

Karen Johnson