Topic: Which is the better period in autumn to watch shorebirds (waders)

my name is Javier Orrit, 37 years old, birdwatcher. I live in south Spain (Malaga). I would like to go to Cape May this autumn (fall) to see as much american waders as possible. Could you give me your opinion about the best dates? Is the fourth week of september a good one (because it would be a good period for me at this moment) or it is a little bit too late. I am very interested in waders, american warblers (parulines) and thrushes. Could you help me?
Thanks a loty!
Javier Orrit

Re: Which is the better period in autumn to watch shorebirds (waders)

Although shorebirds remain in Cape May through September, the best month of "fall" migration is August.  Shorebirds begin migration in big numbers in mid-July and run into September, when they begin to decrease in numbers.  I suggest that if you wish to see shorebirds, come to Cape May in mid-August.

Neotropical songbirds (thrushes and warblers) commence in mid-August, but here in Cape May the best flights are in September, with mid-month through the end of the month being best.  In mid-late August, you won't see many thrushes, but you will get some of the warblers and vireos, just not as many species or numbers as in the following month.