Topic: Visiting Cape May Monday question?

Hello! I will have a quick trip to Cape May area this Monday the 15th of Sep. I'm hoping to photograph the migrating Hawks. Won't have much time, just 2 days and am hoping to go inland also to look for Bald Eagles.
Does anyone have ideas about the best place to go within the Cape May area for shooting? I'm trying to decide also if we should go north towards Blackwater on one of the two days, or will I have time.
Thanks for any info. I have googled all this but the maps are vague where I can maximize my time.

Re: Visiting Cape May Monday question?

The 15th of September is somewhat early for migrating hawks, including Bald Eagles.  While you may have a good day, the real deluge of hawks and eagles starts after about the 20th or 25th of September.  The best flights for Sharp-shinned Hawks, Merlin, Peregrines, Coops and Ospreys comes from September 25 to about October 8 or 10.  The larger hawks like Red-tails, Red-shoulders, and Golden Eagles .

Bald Eagles are spread throughout the fall and don't have the same distinct peaks as do most other species.

If you are looking for a place to photograph, try the following places. 

Along Sunset Blvd, near the watertower is the area where the old-time gunners used to shoot hawks.  On a northwest or west wind in late Sept into early Oct you can have hawks flying so low that you can almost touch them.  Find yourself a place off the road amongst the cedars or on the hill within the fenced in area across from the thick cedar forest.  Experimenting will pay off.  There is lots of poison ivy in these areas, so watch out.

The dune trail in the Meadows (Cape May MIgratory Bird Sanctuary) can be good, as can the Cape May Point State Park dune and trails.  You will have to pick your spot each day because the migration changes depending on wind and the type of hawks you are looking to shoot.

Good Luck.

Re: Visiting Cape May Monday question?

Thank you Paul! Actually I just got back, and did'nt want to go back home! Beautiful area for birding and photography. Between the lighthouse, bird watch tower, Sunset and northern Maurice area we had a great time. Good photography on the Black Crowned Night Herons and a few Harriers. Too bad I only had 2 days. As it was, we kept very busy and made it up to Dividing Rivers also. Saw two juvenile bald eagles but they fly too high to get good photographs. I wish I had known where they fish ;~). We also did NY city, and 3 baseball games in New Jersey, so we really packed in the days.
Enjoy your fall!

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