Topic: Weakies around?

Will be coming down to CM for a couple of weeks to work on the summer place and was wondering if the weakfish made an appearance this year and if there are any still around the CM Point jetties?  Would also be interested to learn if there are baitfish around. Mullet? Rainfish?



Re: Weakies around?

I was there Sat, and din't see any. I was going for striper. We caught a couple Ling (at least that is what I was told it was). I got my feet wet and water was still warm.

Re: Weakies around?

Where did you go? I couldn't get out this weekend, I had to close my camper. I am planning on making some runs down during the month. Any luck?

Re: Weakies around?

Water is getting cold.   Still could find a weakie here or there but most likely stripers and blues will be the main species.   Baits or artificials or flies should work.