Topic: Striper Fishing tomorrow Cape May Rips

Hi everyone, I've left my boat in a couple extra months, and I've decided that I am going to go out and give striper fishing a shot tomorrow. This is my first time out striper fishing. I just wanted to get general advice on suggested baits, techniques, and any other information that may help my first trip be a successful one. I here the Cape May rips is the best spot. I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Thanks

Re: Striper Fishing tomorrow Cape May Rips

A little late on my reply.   Rips use live eels, spot or croakers.   Could also use bucktails with rubber worms or a number different types of rubber swimming shad.

Delaware Bay, Bunker Chunking is the way to go.

Back bay, Inlet areas swiming plugs, flies, rubber jig baits fished close to structure or current breaks.   Could also chum with clams and use clams for bait.   

Hope you caught.